Itemization Changes that can help underutilized classes

I know the itemization thread has come and gone, but I wanted to pool ideas together for ways that underused class combos can get more traction. There are more than enough weapons that all class combinations should have access to something useful outside the bog-standard sets.

Mythical Arcanor, Blade of the Luminari: This is meant to be designed for Elemental Forcewave, but why is it that Arcanist has a crappy 4 point bonus, while Inquisitor gets +2 to the mastery AND stackable RR to Inquisitor Seal when Tactician already has Aura of Censure + Ignaffar’s Combustion? This could be a really interesting Battlemage weapon if it gave +2 to Arcanist skills instead of the crappy +4 to Maiven’s, as Arcanists have a lot of good passive abilities that require stacking a lot of +All Skills in order for all the bonuses to really shine.

Olexa Flash Freeze Conduit: The -30% Freeze Reduction is completely useless against bosses - who have 138% Freeze Resistance. There are no other items in the game that also provide Freeze Reduction except the Luminari Epic Set. I would recommend adding another item that can work alongside this Conduit so that you can freeze enemies and have Olexa’s RR apply without having to go full Mageslayer’s Set.

Remaining Arcanist Conduits: There are multiple conduits that give Devastation or TSS different damage types like Acid and Vitality, but expecting to run dual damage types with a class that has no RR is just an idea destined for failure.

Mythical Tome of Names: This item would be a lot nicer if the skill bonuses weren’t limited to Panetti’s. As Invoker’s Set pushes out the off-hand slot from consideration, it would be nice to see this item act as more of a general de-buffer and give bonuses to skills like Curse of Frailty.

I’m all for making meme classes no longer a thing. How can we help out the lacking class combinations?

I would up the -33% Reduced Entrapment Duration to Blade Trap on rimetongue set to -50%, and the RR to blade trap from 20% to 33% . And remove the fire->pierce on grenado. This would make saboteur a little more attractive when compared to the purifier, which outshined it for a long time.

For warlock and sentinel, I’d change the Vanquisher’s set to support fire Sigil of Consumption with chaos->fire conversion, some flat damage, and skill bonuses (+2 sigil, +2 destruction, and something +2 like vulnerability). This is not a meme rescue when it comes to sentinel, but warlocks outside of trozan and Arcane AAR sure could use some help.