Itemization Oversight - A result of AAR change in

Since Disintegration now deal lightning/electrocute damage, a lot of AAR/Disintegration items did not get change to reflect this new AAR/Disintegration.
With this new change AAR become Aether/Elemental or Chaos/Vitality/Fire, there is no room for Aether/Vitality anymore. Unless we get lightning/fire damage converted to vitality damage, which is nearly next to non-existent.

Many of them still gives %aether/vitality damage, especially epic items such as, Soulless Gaze, Mythical Soulbinder’s Chains, Mythical Wraithstalker Band.

Above all, there’s one AAR modifier that became broken, guess which one?

This thing need a rework, there is no vitality damage to converted to fire damage anymore, yet it is still here. Fire and Chaos seem good untill you look at items and realize there are very low items that support this two damage type together, not to mention most AAR related skill bonueses are Aether/Elemental damage or Chaos/Vitality damage, being Sorcerer item doesn’t make much sense either, since you loses lightning damage to vitality damage when you use Chaos version (Tainted Power), might as well play Warlock with Black Flame set instead of picking this weapon and play Sorcerer.

My suggestion is change “vitality damage converted to fire” to “aether damage converted to chaos” or change to something else since if you pick Tainted Power, you got instant lock to Chaos/Vitality damage, a damage types to doesn’t fit Sorcerer. So “100% Aether damage converted to Chaos damage” would be most fitting. Or maybe change it to fire/lightning damage types focuesd instead would solve many mismatch of this weapon.

I think a Hexflame rework should turn the item into an Aether/Fire item and have it allow Thermite Mines to reduce Aether res. Unless that incentivizes mines too much given the other damage types they deal with.

Or, given the weapon’s name, make it for something completely different, not AAR. Maybe a Pyromancer dagger.

Or a Defiler Dagger maybe?

100% Aether to Fire to Drain Essence
added “x” Fire Damage to Drain Essence

Quite frankly we have enough support for exotic AAR builds. Except for maybe pure fire AAR in that case might as well make it do 100% Aether to Fire. Some exotic Drain Essence support would be nice