Items & sets we would like to see

I’m not sure if this topic has been posted in the past, but I thought it would be great to have a place to discuss what sort of items and sets we as players would like to see.

The reason behind this thread is when I’ve looked at epic and legendary items, I keep seeing that classes are predisposed to having one or two weapon types. Either as stand alone or as part of a set, even though it is possible for builds to be created that don’t use that weapon type.

For example: all the Demolitionist sets contain a gun and most Soldier weapons are swords, yet not everyone who picks one of these classes will use ranged weapons or swords. Myself I use an axe wielding commando with a love of grenado and lightning nova.

What I’d like to see:
4pc set for Demolitionist (forge master):
Helm, Torso, Gloves, 1 handed Hammer. Set based around: Flame touch,temper vindictive flame, ulzuin’s wrath.

3pc set for soldier (general’s regalia)
Helm, shoulders, ring. Set based around field command, squad tactics, counter strike.

Both sets feature skills not commonly seen in existing sets.

No doubt there are players out there who run with builds that don’t have many options for their preferred style. e.g. tricksters who want to dual wield swords with a shaman skill buff in addition to a Nightblade buff.

There is a counter strike set coming in patch 0.6.

Also most soldier wepons are maces

I would want to see a pirate set, a set that bases on fire or on fire conversion to cold. I even had a cool idea about it, but had no time to post it here on the forums. Maybe someday… or even today… You know, I will post it, but I don’t know when. :stuck_out_tongue:

Defiler Vit Decay set. Deceiver chaos set with imbued autoatack replacer.

I double this :smiley:

I am actually interested in both of these. Although would prefer to see a Scourge Strike like skill instead of yet another Savagery like/Fire Strike like Auto-Attacker


+1 for me and literally every resident of the void.

A set based on “The Big One”. (The Seismic Wrath Set etc)

  • Armor worn by famous demolitionist known for returning entire armies to dust with a single shot etc etc (spice it up).

With unique bonuses:

  • -2 seconds skill recharge to The Big One
  • 25% reduced target’s damage for 5 seconds to The Big One
  • -25% Fire resistance to The Big One
  • 100% Physical damage converted to Fire to The Big One
  • Total damage modified by 25% to The Big One

I like Mortar Trap but feel the big one really needs to make more of an impact so by lowering it’s cooldown and giving it some offensive and defensive bonuses, it should look more lucrative

I want a set solely focus on raise skeleton + bone harvest (soul harvest), pure necromancer set with skeleton theme.
So far, item skill modifiers for raise skeleton is only CDR, increasing summon limit, and increasing number of skeleton per summon. It need more unique item modifiers, for example adding more flat damage to skeleton, or only revenant skeleton will be summoned, etc.

Pet stuff need more support and revamping.

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I would like to see a set for Necromancer / Shaman based on pets (Skellies and primal spirit)

Maybe transforming the Primal Spirit pet into an undead version of it and buffs it.

Ideas and numbers after that I leave for Crate, I trust u guys.