Items without requirements

Howdy folks!

This time I am wondering how to make items so that they don’t require any certain level, but just enough attributes so character can use those?

I have seen this in some mod but could’t find which one so I could copy the info.


If you open your item in the DBREditor, you see a field Level Requirement.
There is also Strength Requirement and so on.

Dont forget, you need the item in your mod folder - keep the same folder structure.
Example : YourMod / database / records / items / itemcategory / your item

If you want to replace an existing item ( only new stats ) than copy it, place it in your mod folder and change it in the dbreditor, but dont change the name of the file.

Thanks for the answer. Sounds like a big project to edit all the items so they dont require certain level. Need to think about this still and wonder if there is simpler way to make it

Only uniques have a level, all other items get theirs from the affixes.

  1. Import all items into your mod (literally just copy/paste the item folder from the game’s database)
  2. Open Notepad++ (the best modding tool that didn’t come with the modding tools)
  3. Find/Replace All
  4. Find levelRequirement,1,
  5. Replace with levelRequirement,
  6. Replace All in Folder -> Select your mod
  7. Change the ‘1’ to ‘2’.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you reach levelcap

Do what Ceno said up to step 4, but instead of searching for:

search instead for:

This will bring up all the items and levels at once. Next just change the replacement text to:
(that is a decimal at the end of 0)

That will remove the requirements since the game engine doesn’t register fractions of a level for items. Hope this help you and anyone else interested