I've not played GD in a long time and my weapon is missing from my hand

I’ve not played Grim Dawn since completing it in 2017, today after loading my level 50 Arcanist I notice that whatever one handed weapon I was using is not in my hand and only my off hand remains. Was there a weapon removed or nerfed from the game? I’m trying to work out why my weapon is missing.

I have several other lower level characters and they still have their weapons equipped.

click the weapon swap key
*or alternatively you sold it way back when by accident/destroyed it recovering a component at the inventor :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

I did find the swap key button after posting. Is the weapon swap key a new feature that’s been added?

I’m certain I had a weapon in my hand after my last play.

afaik it’s always been there, causing all those little nuisance “weapons vanished” issues, making the devs wish they had never put it in :smile:

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makes me wonder… are there even any builds that make good use of weapon swap? :thinking:

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I have come across people who do use this weird feature. It’s nothing too bad per se but the reason why it is probably bad is, no one at the start barely knows it exists until accidentally pressing the W button, which is a walking key bind on other games, right?

Perhaps fixing it would be making this key bind somewhere else or at least warning new players that it exists. (maybe it’s already there but I haven’t seen a tutorial in like 6 years).

aside from teh exploits that got patched out, latest being insta detonation rune of hag/rune of kalastor? :smile:
think most people use it for fun
like, seen mentions of people switch to a 2h rifle and “kite” pew pew when they don’t feel safe standing and hitting melee/casting
real practical since most benefits have been patched out, incl buff switching, is probably “none” these days, or any remaining bound to be patched out too :grin:

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