Jets'n'Guns 2 (soon and finally!!)

Not sure if anyone here has played the original? (you can play it on steam. The game is a side scrolling shooter, similar to R type and other games like that.

The original was released ages ago, and it got a steam release a bit later.

But anyway, I noticed that 2 is on steam, and is waiting release approval from valve (hopefully will early this week, as they released the files too late)

Anyway, I thought the original was awesome, and when I saw this one steam, (2) I nearly fell off my chair, as I wasn’t expecting to be a 2, even the devs said that a 2 was very unlikely, but here it is.

So for all those that loved 1, or love side scrolling shooters, this will make your day, and until it’s release, (and you don’t have it) 1 is must buy, and the music rocks as well.

Check them out, if you are a fan of such games.


The game will be released in early access, so won’t have much content, so if you want to wait, sure, but for me, its a must buy, pluss the people who did the music for the first game is doing music for the second. great stuff!!!


They got Machinae supremacy back for it!!!

Fangirlish squee intensifies

Love the music for the first game, really adds a lot to the levels and awesomeness of the game in general. so really glad the band is doing the music for the second, still no word on release date, but hopefully soon.

Man, the hype is real!!!

I’m actually surprised I haven’t played the first one cuz I actually like schmup’s a lot and it looks pretty badass. So does the new one.

I actually have two ‘friends’ in my list that recommend against the first…

…and I’m watching the video, and reading that, and watching the video and thinking…

…pussies :smiley:

I think the steam video was filmed in God mode…

Danmaku is not for everyone :smiley:
Funny, I managed to beat Imperishable Nights on lunatic once, but couldn’t finish Jet and Guns at all.

A bit if random tip for anyone who wants to try out the original (talking about the gold edition), use 7 Hexaguns if you want an easy time. Don’t hold the fire button though, to avoid overheating.

I couldn’t do the game on normal and above, it really was a hard game. But later once you got the right ships and weapons, you were a god. The thing is, this is an old game. (1)

The game was released in 17 November 2004, that is why the game looks a bit dated, but its a utter blast.

Awesome news, 2 is released and is now playable. only a small download as well, 150 mb. going to try it out.

I jusst had a blast playing this game.

There are 4 levels in the EA version, and you can choose casual or normal at the start. casual difficulty gives you access to all the weapons and modules that the game has. Normal gives you a limited selection, and will give you more weapons as you progress.

Wasn’t keen on the 3 level, too fast and and annoying. Still, this is one awesome shooter if you are interested in this type of game.

I think once complete, this will smash the original to the ground.

The early access version has launched.

I snagged it up. That main menu track rocks… haven’t played it yet but I will be here soon.

having a blast, There is just one ship compared to the last game, but they have ship modules that will effect it, right now, they got a limited amount of stuff, and some ship customisation. There are harder difficulties, but man, the music rocks!!! there might or might not be a OST, too early, and in the hands of the band / music publisher, so have to wait and see on that.

But boy the game is utter awesome!!!