Journey Log #05 - The Power of Industry

Having endured the harsh winters, staved off starvation by investing in agriculture, and fought against vicious raiders, the settlement has grown into a bustling town. No longer content with the harsh simplicity of frontier life, your people yearn for new comforts and luxuries.

Your people are hard at work, ensuring continued prosperity and survival of the town. Raw resources make their way from mines and fields to be processed into precious goods by a bustling industry before they are transported once more to their final destination.


Resources in Farthest Frontier are moved in real time and have a physical presence. This means that where you place your buildings relative to the resources and structures they depend on can have a big impact on your town’s success. Likewise, storage placement is pivotal to an efficient town.

Villagers that spend most of their time trekking back and forth across long distances to fetch raw materials and then deliver their produced goods to storage are not going to be highly productive.

All storage buildings, with the exception of granaries, can be upgraded in order to increase storage capacity and durability and to reduce spoilage.


In order to survive, your town needs a steady supply of food, and an excess stowed away for the winter months or to endure periods of hardship like major raids or disease outbreaks that impact food production. Food naturally spoils over time along with some types of goods but proper storage can greatly extend its shelf-life.

Whatever food your villagers don’t bring to their homes and markets for consumption ends up stored in your town’s storage structures. Food is stored either in the Storehouse or the Root Cellar.

The Storehouse is good for general storage, but it’s not the ideal place to keep food. Your food supplies will last much longer in a Root Cellar, especially if you use barrels.

Villagers stop by Root Cellars often to drop off produced food and to collect it when they are hungry or need to restock. Something to consider when placing Root Cellars around your town.


The village needs resources to grow, and those resources have to be stored somewhere. Most non-food items go in a Storehouse, but certain raw materials, including building materials such as logs, stone, and planks, go into a Stockyard.

Raw ores and minerals from mines and pits are also stored in a Stockyard. The heavy weight of these materials means that transport is difficult and slow, factors to consider when distributing Stockyards around town.

While grain and flour can be stored in a Storehouse, the most optimal way to store and preserve them is inside of a Granary. Inside a granary, grains can last for years and are far less likely to attract rats. In fact, the granaries are built elevated off the ground atop stone piles to deter rodents.


As in the real world, rats are attracted to food and waste. As a town grows, rats eventually become a problem that requires intervention. Rats infest buildings, spreading disease and eating food stocks.

Rat infestations begin slowly. At first, some food will go missing in root cellars and markets. But if this problem is not handled promptly, it can result in grave consequences, even leading to the deadly bubonic plague spreading in your town.

Thankfully, there is a profession that specializes in handling rats. Constructing a Rat Catcher in your town will make quick work of the pests. Rat Catchers function within their designated work area, so you may need more than one to cover all the buildings that attract rats.


Raw materials serve many functions in Farthest Frontier, but every town will eventually require advanced manufacturing in order to progress and grow. From planks for construction to iron for weapons and tools, your town’s future is in a thriving industry.

Some materials cannot even be used by the town without further refinement. Grain must be ground into flour at Wind Mills. Gold and iron ore must be smelted down at a Forge. And these are just a couple examples.

Intermediate - Bread

Iron is a precious commodity in a number of industries and is even required to upgrade many structures. Its value cannot be overstated for towns that have conquered the frontier.

Intermediate - Gold

Intermediate - Iron

With a Blacksmith, your people will smelt precious tools to improve productivity and enable the use of advanced production buildings. Weapons and armor will keep your people safe from external threats. A crude club might suffice at first, but as raiders grow bolder and more dangerous, survival will depend on arming a proper military force.

ICN_Resource_Weapons01_96 ICN_Resource_Tools01_96 ICN_Resource_ArmorHauberks01_96 ICN_Resource_ToolsHeavy01_96

(Note: it is possible to disable combat if you seek a more peaceful frontier)

Sand can be melted and shaped into glassware, which serves as both a vessel for preserving fruits and root vegetables, in order to prolong their shelf life, but also as a luxury good for homes.

Intermediate - Sand

Intermediate - Fruit

Luxury goods will become a fact of life as the town prospers and the villagers seek more comfortable lives. These commodities, and more, will define your town’s economy, easing hardships and offering long-term security.

ICN_Resource_Pottery01_96 ICN_Resource_Glass01_96 ICN_Resource_Furniture01_96 ICN_Resource_Spices01_96

Eager to learn more about Farthest Frontier? Check back on 06/20/2022 for the next Journey Log!


This definitely is very interesting and looks to be a great game.

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villager with mad hops is a productive industrious villager. homestead farmers approve.

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LOVE seeing all the screenshots and all the details! I can’t wait to play this game. I’ve always loved sims and city-builders and Grim Dawn is currently my most played game on Steam, so this is a match made in Malmouth!


Thanks for sharing this!

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Now I am already thinking about the layout of my burgeoning village, and I can’t even start doing it.

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I am really excited about this game. My favourite genre after ARPG has always been town management games! :heart_eyes:

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Every time I see these logs I can’t help but admire the artistic beauty of this game. It looks so good. Definitely excited for this one. Who knows, maybe I’ll have more luck convincing my sister to pick this up than I did with GD. :rofl:

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