JoV inspired pure cunning commando

Hey guys,

so I’ve been leveling a pure cunning commando with a view to using the sharpshooter set end game and using the unknown soldier including the devotion proc as I am curious about how well it would perform with a build designed to crit and crit often. I thought I would show her to you at this level and find out if anyone had any suggestions? I am trying to keep this as least button intensive as possible for better or worse. Working out devotion progression is always an issue, especially with shooty builds and needing particular constellations to make it viable.

Can anyone see any glaring errors or things that need to be addressed? So far it has been superb. Need to get my attack speed up but at level 50 that won’t be an issue as I have a silverbolt waiting. As always, ignore the resists as I don’t know how to set the grim tools to show it being in normal at the moment. Oh and this was the planned progression for devotion until I realised how much ADCTH I am going to need to make this build viable though that is pretty hard with my desire to use unknown soldier;

assassin’s blade
scholar’s light
empty throne
unknown soldier

One glaring error is that you have no points in Deadly momentum:p You are making a pure cunning Cadence flat dmg build. The bonus from deadly momentum is huge. Put points in it and watch your dmg skyrocket. If you think it was superb so far wait ti’ll you max this skill.

Also Field command>Squad tactics unless you have loads of skillpoints and field command is already maxed. and since you are pure conning you will really need that DA. Your optimism will dwindle in elite otherwise.

attack speed for 2h is a lot of diminishing returns after 150% so don’t worry, you will hit so hard with deadly momentum.

Fluff: thank you for the reply. If you’ll notice my level is only 43 at the moment. I wanted to get all my mastery stuff out of the way in early levels because I find after level 50 it can be difficult to get your masteries maxed out. I plan to max both field command and deadly momentum in the next 7 levels.

In that early stage of leveling imho you invested to heavily into cadence and especially fighting form, like Fluf said those points would be better elsewhere, like deadly momentum, vindictive flame, military conditioning, field command.
Vindictive flame is overall more worth than squad tactic cuz it gives total speed with no diminishing returns until 11/16.