Just a little tweak in the Character Sheet

Good day!

I was wondering if it is possible that if you hover your mouse over some stats such as the resistances, it can simply show the breakdown of the sources?

Where as when you hover your mouse on your Fire Resist, there will be a dropdown description that can be turned on or off in the Options Menu. In this dropdown description it can state in a manner such:

  • Head = 20%
  • Shoulder = 20%
  • Chest = 20%

It may also include some devotions and skills.

Or I am missing something that this is already included?

Just a little suggestion though.

Thank you!

I’m kinda fine with this but I’m not sure what the priority of this task will be on crate’s side. Make it a whole window tho instead of just a popup. Big popups can get annoying.

Yeah, I was thinking a big popup can do as an alternative to prevent any vast amount of lines of texts.

I think it’s easier to implement this in grimtools.com build calculator than in game.
But is it really needed? Resistances are global, no matter where they come from.

It’s not, but it can be useful for some people. Sometimes I just like looking at stats like this. Pretty sure this is very low on the priority list tho

I suggested this on grimtool

I would prefer they would also put physical resistance on the main page rather than the tricky place that is the last page…:frowning:

It is so much an important resistance .