Just an idea for a control options that would be neat

So I found that playing with left click for certain skills feels smoother, as your character defaults to ‘move to’ unless there is an enemy targeted/aimed at.
This does make it smoother to play but I personally wish that there was an option to make the ‘move to’ effect apply to right click as well.

Through testing I have found that if you have a melee ability slotted on right click, your character will just move to the location and attack. While on left click your character will just move and not wave his hands around like a fool trying to swat a fly with a giant sword.

Mainly saying this as a simple suggestion, I don’t like asking for things to change in a game just to suit me but I think this one could be helpful with making auto-attack builds feel a little more comfortable. Plus, more options for play-styles is always nice.

If anyone needs more clarification on what I mean feel free to ask, I don’t mind explaining.

The current configuration for RMB is advantageous for ranged combat. This way you can move the cursor from target to target without running towards them. As long as I played with keyboard and mouse, I assigned Move-To to the other mouse button.

What kind of play-styles do you have in mind?

Oh just for people who come from different games so they can have an easier time getting into the game.
With play-styles I more meant how the more ways people have to configure their experience the better, makes it more accessible if that makes sense. :smiley:

might have something todo with the skills you can attach to LMB due to how movement works
notice how it’s a specific select of skills you can attach to LMB while several others you can’t - but those you can attach to RMB
ofc the “solution” could just be to allow all skills to get automovement while on mouse button, would make stuff like Vire’s Might fantastic, tho ofc other stuff WoP/“non-target aoes” or temp buffs like PB, WoR and Blood of Dreeg would possibly be wonky af
Crate might not want to limit/hinder players from slotting those types of skills on RMB in order to allow movement for the others :thinking:

edit. Changed RMB to LMB :confounded: :man_facepalming:

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