Just Another Pixel Killer!


I’m Virgait. I play various games (usually offline), generally playing a game for a while and the ultimately going back to Diablo II. I’m a student of biomedical science, care worker and a competitive athlete. I have a gecko, she talks less than humans and still makes more sense :wink:

Other games that I’ve put decent time into include Path of Exile, Diablo III (didn’t like it too much), Borderlands, Elder Scrolls, Torchlight I and II - you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome around !

(love the Gecko part :P)

Welcome to the game and the forums :).

I like your choice of games and outlook on life.

You will do well here, Virgait…

Welcome to Grim Dawn!


Hello Virgait,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn