Just bought Grim Dawn.

Okay if this has been asked before then my apologies upfront. I have no experience with Grim Dawn, ( Although I have played D3 and PoE quit a lot in the past. ) so I have yet to learn how to play the game. ( But I will get there. :slight_smile: )

My first question is this one … what character is best to start with for a total newbie to Grim Dawn? And how would I have to develop that character to get the most out of a first play through? ( If that matters for a first play through that is. )

It’s a complicated question, and you’ll probably get a lot of answers based on personal experience and preferences.


  1. Vitality based conjurer - good HP, sufficient damage, bypasses the incoming damage by massive leech.
  2. Primal Strike warder - fat, sturdy, easy to gear up, sufficient damage and survivability.

Both got good clear speed, easy to level up with no steep progression curves.

If you’ve played arpgs in the past you know class doesn’t really matter that much. Don’t try to be a min max nerd on you first playthrough, feel this game atmosphere please! It’s a lot of text but it’s really good!

There are stronger and weaker setups but it all keeps changing with patches. Like every arpg ever.

Everyone suggest summoners for newbies. But it comes down to what you enjoy doing.

Personally, I enjoy melee the most, but I like other playstyles too. Like ranged and casters. I can’t stand playing with tanky or support builds though.

what I recommend may not be the most creative option, you will learn a lot about the mechanics of the game, if you pay attention to them, though

I would go with a build by someone else that has proven its worth, because of that it can be any class combination really…

this build is a very good and solid starting point imo: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48597

it will even work well for you without the recommended item sets

I would also stay away from crucible for a while, there is a lot to learn and enjoy in the leveling game
try to level your character through all three difficulties, you won’t regret it
after doing this you will probably have enough understanding of the game to try a build of your own

Thank you for that build link StrUktO. And I was planning to stay away from crucible for the reasons you mentioned. Besides right now I am more interested in the expansion that is supposed to come out next month. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestions.


I like melee character as well. ( Most of the time that is. :slight_smile: )

I’d recommend you check out the guide I posted if you’re just starting out. There are several decent beginner builds linked there as well as lots of tips/info to get a good understanding of the game. That said, there’s something to be said for a blind play through to discover things for yourself.

But as far as developing a first character, there’s lots of good info there. Personally, my first character was a Witch Hunter, followed by a Witchblade. I’ve completed Ultimate with both, starting from scratch, so they’re certainly viable (and fun!). Here’s the link to the New Player Knowledge Compendium.

Thank you ceruleansong I will check them out, and thank you for the link.