Just finished Elite. What to do now?

Running Superfluff’s Warborn/Phys Commando. I only have the golem boots. I can handle SoT well and haven’t really tried BoC. Do I just go to Ultimate, or is this a good time to take a breath and loot-hunt a bit?


EDIT: Level 72

Whichever you prefer. Maybe do the secret things, all the side quests. If you feel comfy in Ultimate and want to move on, go for it. If you don’t, farm up.

Are BoC/SoT/Cronley’s loop worthwhile in Elite, or am I wasting my time farming those?

crucible farming is the best.

Participating in multiplayer in both campaign and crucible can be a lot more fun too.

I own the DLC, but have never fired up the Crucible. Maybe that’ll be a good start.

Hi, Im’ a new player and I finished the game in Elite, current lvl 72.
I have’nt had yet the DLC, if I buy it, could we play together the crucible ? I dont know what is it but if i had a guide, taht would be nice ^^

I’d say the opposite, crucible is boring takes for ever and the reward isn’t there.

If its your first character to beat elite I’d say to either start ultimate, act 1 shouldn’t be that hard provided you are around levl 70. If thats not your thing log into ultimate to see where your resistances stand then head back to elite and farm all your rep to revered and buy whatever augments help you out. Doing this serves a couple purposes; leveling, hope at new loot and getting those augments available.

Chances are if you farm elite some monsters rep might get to nemesis, then you can farm those but be warned if that happens prey they don’t spawn in ultimate just yet while progressing cause they are hard unless your build is tanky and tons of dps. If not run past them.