Just for fun, what's your favorite movement skill augment?

  1. Dash
  2. Charge (multiple targets)
  3. Blink (if none of the above fit the character theme better)
  4. Leap (would rank much higher if the delay between landing and regaining control wasn’t so big, feels like it’s slowing me down too much to be really effective)
  5. Disengage (I’ve tried it many times on many different builds, always found it to be completely useless)

Whenever possible, I use a combo of Dash and Charge (both from runes and mastery skills), alternating between those is my favorite movement playstyle.

Imo any 2.5 cd rush is the best for “serious” gameplay as well if you don’t have access to other movement skills. Low cd beats teleport.

Also there is a disengage rune with enemy dmg reduction. The mechanic is clunky but for some extremely glassy builds you just have to deal with it.

Well I haven’t used very many of the glyphs available in Forgotten Gods as I only recently bought the expansion and I’m only on my second character, but I have to say seismic slam (a.k.a leap) is my favorite.

I play a lot of in-your-face 2-handed characters and leap is the perfect ability to enter combat but also exit combat when you are in a tough situation like Crucible 170 and surrounded by 6 Nemesis or SR 75 or Mogdrogen on Ultimate and you need to create some distance between you and the bad guys.

I think leap will continue to be a staple for any melee / retaliation build.

I’m sure my casters, ranged characters, and general mobility characters will opt for a different movement augment.

Any rune that benefits my builds to the fullest would be my favorite.

You can very easily predict where you’ll end up, it’s just not really flexible to apply during heated combats.

if leap runes allow you to leap out entrapments that would be a major boost.

Most like: Teleport
like: Dash, Leap (If the animation is fast, I like the most)
Don’t like: Charge, SS (useless for emergency avoidance), escape (cannot be used for movement)

Dash is better on top tier dmg trucks. Increases clear times thanks to low cdr. But it’s more faulty. It jams a lot, activate and doesn’t move, you can get cc-ed midway. So blink is more universal. Other are shite, let’s face it.

Agree if considering viability primarily. Give disengage lower cooldown to offset having to pivot before popping it, and leap less wind up/animation time and I’d be a lot happier with them.

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Just read this.

@jawa: Good trick is to actually move your mouse to the opposite direction you want to disengage towards, before using said skill.

Your character till naturally turn to face the cursor before leaping backwards.

Much more efficient than physically turning your character around.

Uh, yeah I’m just really exhausted at the moment (7 day weeks) and said the wrong thing. I do that too, turning on the spot would actually be pretty silly! Thanks for correcting me haha :sleeping:. Time for bed.

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Rest well mate. TC of yourself!

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Thanks mate, stressful time so the little words of kindness mean a lot. I’ll try dreaming of speedrunning fabius routes with properly spammed disengages :joy:

@jawa: GDstash beckons…its siren call cannot be denied

I try very hard not to relapse. Don’t tempt me!

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Displacement for utility or pets. Not fussed on the others but I enjoy Vanish/Leap the most on melee and Disengage on ranged/casters.

Displacement, Dark Desires and Dark Progenitor are my favorites. Displacement for obvious reasons, it’s also the by far the most used rune.

Dark Desires is sweet for Oathkeepers as Vire’s Might is already a decent disengage tool. Also OKs have crushing verdict, which has flat DA reduction, but they don’t have any flat OA reduction. Thus OKs can actually use an offensive engage rune with OA reduction (Dark Desires).

I also like Dark Progenitor as it is imo the best jumping rune that we have, providing flat 170 OA&DA reduction. Since last patch it also actually has more range than Displacement. It can be used both offensively and defensively. So whenever I want flat OA/DA reduction but actually can’t afford to take Dark Desires due to missing defensive movement abilities, I take the Dark Progenitor jump. Its longish animation time is still a bit annoying though…

For lvling vanish, chaos strike and disorder are my favorites.

Disengages are just bad and feel super clunky from my experience.