Just for fun, what's your favorite movement skill augment?

well, as title asks, i just want to hear what’s the forumers’ like to use as movement speed augments. whether its for casual or serious play;

3.jump forward into the better future
4.jump backward into the better future

personally i love teleport. the no-damage low cd teleport. for both casual and serious play. because its efficient, cool, and clean. also it emphasize the taken’s natural affinity with the riftgate.

For levelling? Any SS like rune (the shorter the CD, the better)
For end game challenges? Arcane displacement.

I like Displacement or similar runes. Ultos’s arrival is great . I like Shadow strike type of runes too. On some builds I use Vampiric shadows or Chaos strike.

I am not fan of disengage or leap runes.

Dark Desires, for a neat 170 OA shred to any boss that’s being a pain. If the chaos leap rune that had OA/DA shred didn’t have a windup measured in epochs, it’d be a top contender too.

I like teleport, dash, and blink! All have their own place in the end game scheme, imo.
Leap is also lovely, but it just need a faster animation, then it should be able to be on par with the above movement rune type.

No idea what to do with disengage though…

I often prefer dash skills. Low CD and together with other -ofc non teleport- skills it gives me a smoother experience.

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This. Low CD blink is god. Best paired with another skill like shadow strike, blitz, etc.

Triple Shadow Strike with 2 riftstones (curse you Zantai) (Charge+NB Blink skill + blink rune comes close second)
Vanquisher Vire’s Might skating
Distortion (or the SR version, Displacement)

Displacement for mechanics, any leap rune on a low-ish CD for fun.

Usually use dash runes like Amatok’s because of the low cooldown.

Teleport for functionality
Fast moving AoE as an extra devo proccer

The single target runes generally lack oomph

Riftgate. :smirk_cat:

It has nothing on good old town portal

Amatok Breath and Fallen Kings are best. Displacement fails less often but nothing can beat 2.5s cooldown.

SS and Blitz runes cannot compete with free movement. Leap runes are still underpowered for the downsides. Rylok Wings is tempting but it’s still a leap rune so no.

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Disengage is easily the most fun for me. Using it to traverse rapidly by quickly pivoting and jumping backwards is very entertaining. Not the best but the most enjoyable.

You do the hokey-pokey and you turn around!

My fav is Wendigo Rush, you charge through a bunch of mobs and your health is instantly replenished

seems like teleport is everyone’s favorite for function and serious gameplay. dash and jump are pretty popular.
jumping backwards though, its for giggles. gd’s jump backward augments are not like torchlight 2 outlander’s backflip skill that has chance to blind opponents (most op cc in tl2) around jump location and can use weapon’s life/mana leech to great effect.

I like leap runes a lot, Displacement not some much, though in SR/Crucible it is probably the better option.

The most UNfun augments are for sure the Disengage ones.
When to use: when you are about to be overwhelmed and/or cornered.
Big whoop. So I die 1.5 seconds later (most monsters can acutally move).
Usually you end up somewhere you didn´t actually wanna be.

Disengage runes has some nice debuffs but for the lack of decent movement option those numbers should be doubled. Especially DoT dmg. I’d only consider using disengage if it was a SERIOUS additional DoT source.

Hmpf, maybe.
Disengage runes aren´t really movement skill augments imo, since one can´t really predict where the char ends up … or I am to st0pid to make that work. :wink:
Triple the cooldown for all I care, but yeah, make the debuffs worth it.