Just found this!

Is that new or did I miss it for months?

it has been there for a while :wink:

was added in build


Kory the Keeper now offers an item that allows you to remove an applied illusion.

Oh ok I need to talk more to NPCs then ^^

Isn’t it supposed to be available only for people who took part in the kickstarter?

its available for anybody who has bought the loyalist edition from the website or the loyalist upgrade from steam

I thought it was devs taking a head start and implementing a tiny portion of the Illusion system already, just like a part of the Shaman mastery was hidden in the files in B26 without being available in the game.

Interestingly I did not buy the loyalist edition on Steam and this is on a GOG version!

if that was the case I would go batshit crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

but no haven’t seen anything related to the xpack in the game yet

Sometimes a player gets weary of running around as Thomas Jefferson Do’Urden.

Not me, of course.

But it is possible…

Everyone can get it it is given by the guy near the door in DC (behind the merchant) when you tell him you are tired of the illusions (or something along that line) no need to have bought anything special.