Just got GD!

Hey All

Just got GD… first impressions absolutely brilliant this is the ARPG I’ve looking for since TQ which I still go back to every now and then. I’ve tried the other competitors like D3 and POE but neither of them were able to hold my interest.

I’ll be supporting this game for along time and I have no qualms about handing over $20-$30.

Well done devs you’ve done a great job with this title, keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to experiencing the full content!

my first build is a gunslinger commando.

If you enjoy melee, Try out the badass dual wield night blade! Totally badass for my build but lower on survivability.

welcome to GD

there are a lot of builds you can try out and i hope this game will keep you busy haha :wink:

Well then, get your friend a copy as well :slight_smile: MP is coming by end of month.