Just had a weird dream.

Something like “The Leviathan will descend from the sky bringing with it 7 disaster/catastrophe/affliction” and one of it that stuck in my mind till now is the word “horror”.

I guess I really should stop playing Grim Dawn before going to sleep in the night, been having the same dream for few nights now.

Well, plus these are the end times and Lord C’Thulu will rise from Rlyeh and claim dominance over this plane.

Well the UK has just voted to leave the EU, 52% in favour of leaving, 48% to remain, largest turnout for a longtime.

So now comes a lot of uncertainly, the Pound has lost value, and things are looking bad or interesting. This will be felt across the globe. Maybe it will also give other EU countries chance to leave and put to bed a corrupt monster that is the EU.

So yeah, things are now happening, and probably will be uncertain times ahead. Your dream might have been some kind of prelude to this?

Or maybe the game is made by some infernal power summoned through rituals performed by Crate using virgin gamers as sacrifice, which will consume the players soul and life. That somehow explains why time seems to just just disappear every time I sit down and play the game.

I don’t know anything about Brexit until later in the afternoon yesterday. In fact, I don’t even know that UK is planning to leave the EU until yesterday. I have seen the word Brexit a few times but I always thought it is some sort of a new trend or something that I couldn’t care less about.

or a new readybreak cereal :stuck_out_tongue:

Its people…

Don’t be afraid. The most logical outcome to a leviathan descending from the sky is: splorch !

My dream last night:

I was floating around in space, no suit or anything. All sorts of weird creatures were passing me by. A huge jellyfish stops and says in a “ghetto” tone “Whaddup homie!”. He joined me as I was floating around saying stuff that I can’t really repeat on these forums. Then we see a little purple elephant looking creature. The jellyfish just floats up and “punks” the little elephant thing and sticks it with one of its tentacles. It starts having a seisure/convulsions, and me and the jellyfish were busy LOLing. Then suddenly the elephant thing somes to its senses, and keeps growing larger and larger till its big enough to eat us both. Then I wake up. Top that.

Maybe you read too much sci-fi books, or maybe you read’em not enough:P

I dreamt of my 50-60 year old neighbor across the street having a baby in my garage. Dream topped. mic drop

EDIT: To add in last night’s dream. So there I was as the patriarch of some family and we were having a feud with another family, only the head of that family and I were in peace talks and we were able to end the feud. As a symbol of the peace we made a shed-sized gingerbread house with chocolate walls/furniture and a chocolate box with chocolate inside it. But just when it seemed like everything was good, there was suspicion that the other guy had placed a bomb in the chocolate so I had to investigate it with some of the young men of my family, except that if we were caught snooping around that gingerbread house, it would reignite the feud. So to solve that problem we had to morph into butterflies as a disguise and someone we also got some natural trained butterflies to also get in there for our special ops mission. The next part was a little unclear, but near as I can remember, we probably found a bomb inside the chocolate, killed the other family’s patriarch when he came to the ginger bread house, his wife gave us some of the chocolate and was surprisingly understanding, and I changed character to being a military commander. At that point the gingerbread house was under a water tower we were marking as a weak point for an upcoming attack and painting the weak spot black. Again I changed characters to a little boy now who was in the strangest family ever. I’m not sure if I had any parents around in the dream, but I was hanging out with a bunch of animals and insects, among which were two spiders I was surprisingly friendly with. (I hate spiders in RL.) At that point some jerk teenage boy came up while I was talking with one of the spiders and started stomping on a bunch of spiders around her [the spider I was talking with.] Later he said he wasn’t a jerk since he never went for the she one but I don’t know how that worked. After the stomping we were looking around when I noticed a scorpion under the couch we were lazing by (for some reason there was a couch outside in a living room outside) and it didn’t have any tail. Talking to my friend spider, which was a hunting spider (not species description, but job description like a hunting dog only she was a hunting spider however that worked) and I kept saying “Do you see that scorpion?” to which she replied, “No because I’m blind.” So now I was trying to teach this hunting spider echolocation when that teenage boy comes back, moves the couch all around and we can’t find that scorpion again even though there was nowhere else it could’ve gone so we’re kind of freaking out a little when two raccoons, who apparently were friends of the animals I was with when they were in Hawaii, come in and the scorpion stuff was forgotten and the dream ended.

Any chance that you watched this trailer:

and Through the Looking Glass at the same time?

Nah. :stuck_out_tongue: (Though the movie does look interesting.)