Just hit 100k DPS!

I know a lot of you guys hit probably like 1million dps, but 100k is a milestone for me.:muscle:t3:Achieved with a primal strike Warder! Feels super amazing! Thanks to @Stupid_Dragon for his excellent build guide!


My pet builds still deal 0 dps :frowning:


Dunefiend gives me around 450k. Doesn’t kill 4 times faster than my 100k rimetongue tooter though.
Dps is a cool indicator if item A Or B is better. It fails as a global benchmark.


Congrats on the milestone. Go forth and conquer, Taken.

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Well done! Though you’ll eventually come to understanding that dps tooltip doesn’t always correlate with efficiency of damage output; not to mention it doesn’t include your skills that are not on lmb. But yes it’s very cool thing to see good stats on character window when pressed ‘‘I’’ :slight_smile:

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one big step for a taken, one small step for an ascended, soon you’ll be making those 7digit crits Hammer ! :+1:

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Maya still deals 0dps. That is what the pet build only lifestyle gives you :frowning:


Is there a way to calculate actual weapon damage? Maybe taking the flat damage of a weapon and adding all the %lightning and multiplying it? I am in college so can handle complex equations lol.

Thats whad DPS does.
What´s missing is the rest of your attacks / procs / WPS / RR / crits.

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*Laugh in Cyclone Thermite Mine dps.

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Good job on your Warder!

DPS vary a lot from skill to skill, so to understand what’s the potential, you can look similar builds, in this case end game Warder. Full Ultos set can reach ~250K tooltip but that’s fully geared.

Skill with the highest sheet DPS is Eye of Reckoning, but consider you have to stop spinning to cast anything and it’s susceptible to CC effects, you can’t reach these impressive numbers.

Auto attackers have higher damage than listed, since their attacks can trigger WPS skills.

I like personally projectiles/fragments type of attacks. They look weak on paper but DPS is listed per projectile, then you multiply it by number of projectiles and you get decent numbers. Projectile attack can shotgun single target or hit multiple ones in AoE spread. Ravenous Earth, Phantasmal Blades, Canister Bomb can carry some builds despite low DPS.


Thank you everyone!