Just initial thoughts

Hi all,
I’m new to the forum,not to TQ though. I was recently playing TQ again and fiddling tq defiler, only then I saw a single line of ad about grim dawn, now I am playing this gem of a game.

bought it on gog and I am very pleased with the game, i was slightly nervous because of the bitter experience with ‘rubber-banding’ in TQ and IT. but thank fully GD is very well optimized and polished. no hiccups so far runs butter smooth.

And apart from outstanding performance (which is important more than anything in a video game) game itself is brilliantly done, detailed and sculpted world design, awesomely flowing combat, incredible sound and music work, well balanced (not over-bright and colorful mess(yes i mean you diablo 3 and poe:D) ) and accurate particle and weapon effects (yes, i mean i hate every weapon having same damn basic attack effect (torchlight 2, van helsing :D)). the game is more than perfect, just like TQ and IT.

and for the ideas part, i have not any major ideas but, some may laugh at these :D,

1.the mouse cursor is just doesn’t feel like it’s blending with the game’s atmosphere, it feels like a cursor for games like bastion or deathspank, pls consider making it slimmer darker and cleaner. i mean both the hand cursor and sword cursor.

  1. muzzle flash effects for firearms - pls consider making each type of weapon’s (fire arms only, melee are fine already) particle effect unique (i mean - small spark/flash and little smoke for pistol types and big/different spark/flash and lot of smoke for rifle types)

I know these are not that much of “ideas” :smiley: , but yeah I have a taste for muzzle flashes (i hope some other fellas have too :D)

otherwise, please give us the expansion soon :). I will report any bug or ideas if i get any in the future. sorry for my crippled English, if it is indeed.
thank you again for this great game, diablo 3 people should consider drinking the fermented piss of crate team.