Just ranting about the bullshit which is Annie

I was testing a spec in naked crucible with extra spawns.

This spec has 50% overcaps for elemental res, and 55% overcap for aether resistance.

In wave 169, I was fighting annie and theodin. All other enemies were dead

The attached image below shows the respective RR annie and theodin can apply as shown on grimtools. it also shows the debuffs I had on me, and finally - my resistances.

What the actual fuck.

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Now you see why we keep bitching about incoming damage spikes in HC? Some combos are just too OP. Now imagine you had 3 bosses debuff you at the same time while hitting with a nuker.

You just have to move to bottem right on 169 and kill her ASAP (like literally dump all your dps cooldowns). You have about 15 seconds before other bosses gang up on you.

I do mate :stuck_out_tongue:

But I also play without buffs/banners

I know you probably do but just kind of put it out there for other players.

I also sometimes go for the top right boss, kill his first form fast then drag annie away to bottem right. Feels like that’s safer some times. By the time boss respawns his second form, anasteria is likely dead or dying.

Anasteria has been like this for a long time and will likely keep on being this way. I think it just to keep players on their toes and pay attention for important kills first.

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There is a boss in a cave in Ugdenbog somewhere, whose Chaos projectiles completely shred your resistances.

I got hit by one after she (I think it was a female) died and my resistances (I think it was almost all of them) were negative. :thinking: :speak_no_evil:

EDIT: And yes, my res were capped.

what were your resistances tobegin with

Let me see if I can find her again. Then I post a pic.

Ok. Here’s the advantage of having recorded it, instead of a quick glance. My bad. They were just red because she shredded my resistances. It’s -32% to all resistances except Stun, and she more than halves my damage. This is in Ultimate btw.


I dont think she applies RR. I think it’s her spawns.

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Yeah, I think I will have to disagree: https://gfycat.com/carelessillhatchetfish

  1. You’re not disagreeing with me, you’re disagreeing with GT - which could very well be wrong. Though that would be surprising.

  2. What was casting that pink orb nova thing?

EDIT: Yup. I watched the gif at 0.125x speed.

You had no debuffs on you until those pink orbs hit. And they weren’t coming from janaxia

She was casting it. Always does. Have killed her several times already. It’s not my spell. May be related to % HP, though that’d be pure speculation, as I haven’t checked such a case yet.

I pay attention to such things. Which is why I noticed that Harbingers come with a debuff aura (which I see is listed on GT).

EDIT: OH! After rewatching it, now that you mention it, it’s that pit in the middle casting it.


I don’t understand how she’s casting that nova if it’s appearing out of thin air.

Well, I meant it wasn’t me. And since there’s only 1 enemy, namely her, is why I assumed it’s her casting it at a location.

She doesn’t do that. No enemy does that.

My guess is that there was a glitch/bug in the graphics, and the wraith didn’t show.

Interesting. :thinking:

I mean, when you fight her…does the pit always do that?

It doesn’t seem like one of those trap things which pop up in certain areas.

Yes, always. And I’ve never seen anything else in there besides her…

Maybe it’s a trap then?

Try fighting her away from the pit. I doubt she’ll shred you res