Just saying hi

Game was sold for me when I heard about the towns/villages change appearances if you help them, I’ve always loved progression(npc factions is also nice flavor, though I would like to befriend them all if they share my views, they had to be the total opposite of each other like dark and light not just dark grey or light grey, those latter can live with me even though I accept both viewes), and this was the extra boost I needed to hear why this game is so different from other ARPG games (Path of Exile, DIII(X.O)DII&LoD, TL & etc.) . Bought the 85$ version liked the idea of walking candle besides me, seems I’ll be needing if it was made in the first place. Also hoping I get in the alpha or beta.

So good you could join us! Welcome to the forums, we’ve got an awesome community here, and we hope you’ll enjoy your stay :smiley:

Hello and welcome aboard!

Hi and welcome to the forums - enjoy your candle.

welcome to the family. stay a while, have some coffee and make some new friends!!

Hi and enjoy the site until the game goes live. I only managed to get the wig! I’m going to be so jealous of you guys with youe candles.

hi and welcome, and enjoy your stay here

Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Hi all,

M new here…I m Taaksonz from Denmark…studying in MBA…

Hi to you also Taaksonz - welcome to the forums.

Hi to 'ya all, but yeah I’m not much of a forum guy, so I’m just check in a while and read some stuff here if something new is up, though as I now know I’ll be prolly be more active when the alpha comes out in winter or spring next year. As being active I mean playtest the game and tell the bugs to other guys in game if possible. Anyways I’m heading back to Dragon’s Dogma on PS3. And on monday back to work so bye for now.

Being a forum guy, on this forum specifically, can help the process. The developers and Crate’s staff are often on the website updating us, and participating in some of our conversations. So, if you have an idea, throw it out there!!