Just want to know if this is possible

I got really excited about making new masteries and really wanted to make a shape shifting one just to find out i couldn’t :’(
so instead of putting forth a lot of planning just to find out I cant again im just curious if people with more experience with modding with this engine could tell me if it is possible to make a town defense mode?

I got the idea after playing one of the dial mods but something like this

Have a town with villagers(they don’t move but make food and all that jazz) + defends

Your town gains popularity as you kill more bosses and more people will come to your town (merchants / spirit guide/ villagers / sometimes defenders) however more creatures will also attack your town as your reputation grows

You gain boss points these can be used to trade for more defenders
The higher the level the more they cost

You can only purchase defenders with fractions you have reputation at
(the higher reputation the higher level you can get) you can get low level ppl from devil’s crossing with no reputation.

Defenders are put at certain attack points so the creature won’t over run your town you pick it when you trade for the defender

In the middle of town is a defense tower your last defence against your enemies (can be upgraded)

Rift near the middle of the fort

Quests will be like getting blank reputation for your fort and getting a type of npc

Also murder madness: when your reputation of slaying there kind amounts they will pick a time and a horde of monsters will attack if they get inside the town then you will receive a debuff where they do more damage to you and you will have to rebuild your town

Random monsters will spawn not on murder madness but your defenses should be fine

If you kill ultimate’s enough they will attack your town on murder madness
Maybe even more then 1

Anyways I think this would be really fun but it might just be me xD
Also its kinda like a background event while your running around doing the actual story.

Thanks for looking at it I hope someone has an idea if it possible or not

All of the above is possible, just have a look at the crucible defense towers.