just wondering what you guys are pairing with necro?

i was thinking of going something like necro occultist. but shaman might do well? want to be able to do all content - ultimate ? cheers.

Shaman for 2H Melee Vitality.
Occultist for Summoner fun.

I’m levelling a default Cabalist that’s all the hype on the forum at the moment. Currently it’s a summoner but I’d like to try DEE/SoC/Ravenous Earth combo as well.

Surprised on attention to Spellbinder, doesn’t look like a super strong combo to me.

Ritualist works well as an aether/vitality caster, or so I heard. Probably will try it some day.

I just made a necro + arcanist! I wanted to feel like a deity by summoning and blast powers all over. So far it’s been a “blast”! Haha.

Btw my constellation setup is amazing. Can’t believe how perfect it worked out at 55 points.

Wow, did you take a holiday to do nothing but play the game all day? How are you at Devotion 55 when the game just came out 2 days ago?

I am trying to do an ultimate pet build, so I am on the side of Occultist. It gives two permanent pets, and Bonds of Bysmiel adds better pet bonuses than Primal Bond. Plus the Raven’s Storm Spirit aura would probably really empower the various Skeleton Revenants that do elemental damage.
I am still wondering what to use as a main attack, though. My Conjurer was pretty much just walking around while the pets kill everything, so I want a more active summoner this time.

Im leveling aether multispell CDR Spellbinder and he pwnzrd =) Im curently try to farm full mythycal Claivoient set to use AAR on top of all other spellbinder stuff.