Kaeresh, Darkblaze Chaos Dual Pistols Sentinel (no greens, Gladiator, SR 75, Callagadra)

Nothing hilarious with that. Non-myth Blood Sigil has always been a go-to medal for non-Firestrike chaos. It’s pretty awesome. Good oa, monstrous human racial dmg and the proc is godly.

Nevertheless, I find it interesting that a 58 lvl item is the best choice for a range of builds. BTW, I already use it :).

What ??? That’s new :slight_smile:

This could be my second char, but I have a doubt, how do you dual pistols with this build? I’ve found that I can I use gunslinger talisman but this build doesn’t use it, what ability or item grants you the skill?

Hi! Check my pistols: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYxEPAZ
Darkblaze Incinerator’s WPS allows DW.


i prefer dw-ranged to melee playstyle. I will try dw ranged Chaos Dam. But Does the build still work and strong enough in the latest version ? . Thank u!

Yes, good enough. I am trying to adapt it to melee style, but when I switch weapons back to pistols, I feel like it is stronger this way :slight_smile:
By the way, can anyone can tell an ideal melee chaos weapon?

Well, iirc the best bet would be 2H axe Tenebris. Swapping out the pistols loses RR, which you can make up a bit of this through DB. You can’t DW, in any case, without item changes.

But with 100% conversion on RF (gloves), you could possibly use most any high physical 2H. Death’s Gates and Obsidian Juggernaut both have extra RR on it as well, for example (but no attack speed).

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Fang of Ch’thon most likely.

I use them now, but I feel like too much stats are wasted. Are they so good nevertheless?

I think it’s more that there aren’t all that many other options.
A basic search for Main hand weapons above lvl 90 with %chaos turns up only a couple of other real options.
Totally Normal Bulwark and Bloodlord’s Blade (greeeeen) look like the only contenders to me.

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hey there. im quite new to the game and i am looking for a dual wield pistol build that can do all the content once the char is on point. i have been looking for a dual wield pistols fire or ice build but i couldnt find much (a bit overwhelmed with the compendium). but this also looks nice and i wanted to ask if the first grimtools link (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYxEPAZ) is still up to date and working?

thank you

Hey! Here is my current edition. It is both ranged and melee DW. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD6Enp2
Some changes are made to the devotions and it has another medal. Minor changes to the skills are probably made too, I don’t remember exactly.

Most of the time I try to stick to 1 damage type because resistance reduction is a very scarce ability.

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great! thanks alot. ok im still quite the newb, by resistance reduction you mean abilities t hat reduce the targets resistance to the damage type you are dealing?

See? You are not a newb any more :slight_smile:
Hopefully, I will update the OP; for now I would like to emphasize the changes in short:

  1. Revenant and Fiend instead of Ghoul. Fiend works well with Bloody Pox.
  2. As we have resist reduction on Revenant now, I replaced the medal with Direwolf Crest and now the main weapons are dual Fangs of Ch’thon! Nevertheless, pistols are still very efficient (actually, I sometimes think that I use daggers just for fun). Moreover, you can use pistols for debuff and then switch to daggers for a few seconds. This way there should be most damage - if you are ready to this hustle :).
  3. With the update, Doombolt is not so useful as it does not grant 100% proc of Time Dilation. You need to take into account.
  4. Ascension was nerfed. It is not a reliable CC resistance source any more. Drink antifreeze (don’t repeat in real life!)
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great info! thanks alot. i will give this a try…ill get there eventually some day :smiley: