Kaeresh, Darkblaze Chaos Dual Pistols Sentinel (no greens, Gladiator, SR 75, Callagadra)

[DW Ranged] [] (g3) (cr+) (sr+) Kaeresh, Darkblaze Chaos Dual Pistols Sentinel; Greenless; Crucible - 4 blessings 10 min, SR 75, Callagadra defeated (Sotnik)
Damage: Chaos.
Active Skills: Righteous Fervor, Ishtak’s Mercy, Vire’s Might, Blood of Dreeg, Ascension, Curse of Frailty, Doombolt, Unleash Chaos, Summon Guardian of Empyrion.
Passive Skills: Solael’s Witchfire, Possession, Resilience, Severed Faith, Presence of Virtue.[/li]
WPS Skills: Burning Void x2, Smite, Void Rounds.
Devotion procs: Time Dilation, Hungering Void, Eye of Korvaak, Eldritch Fire, Ghoulish Hunger, Twin Fangs.
Core Gear: Darkblaze set, Mythical Exterminus, Mythical Vestments of Severed Faith, Mythical Voidrend Talons, Mythical Black Star of Deceit. The rest is to your taste.

Grim Tools:

Please bear in mind that Rune of Wretched Desires makes the build significantly stronger (safer); I simply did not have the blueprint while testing the char.
Another option for the build is Revenant + Blood Sigil of Ch’Thon. Please check the latest edition: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYdPgXZ

The build is focused on Righteous Fervor autoattacks with extremely useful WPS (2 railguns, 2 explosions). Although this is a ranged char, he basically doesn’t need to kite due to decent tankiness and 2 destination-based mobility skills which are also instruments of offense: they damage/debuff and help to draw monsters up in line to be railgunned.
Damage is magnified by Ascension and Hungering Void; Time Dilation allows to reduce Ascension CD to 18 seconds with 8 seconds of vulnerability window and make Hungering Void almost constant. TD is tied to Doom Bolt with 100% chance of activation.

Time Dilation makes this build a bit complicated from the skill timing point, but it gives its results. The usual phrase for your keyboard solo is: Curse of Frailty, Blood of Dreeg, Ascension, Unleash Chaos, Doombolt, Doombolt, Unleash Chaos.

Crucible 151-170 is completed in 10 minutes with 4 blessings and 0 banners which allows repetitiveness. The result is stable.
Shattered Realm 75 was easy (I might have been lucky), did not try going further so far; If I decide to do it and succeed, I will update the post.
Callagadra was defeated (make sure you cleared the area of healers!), Ravager of Minds was not - it is real, but I don’t have enough patience to do everything correctly :).

For leveling purposes I rushed Tectonic Shift for speed and damage and used Obsidian Tremor for some time.

In theory, [] made the build weaker. Nevertheless, Crucible timing even turned out to become slightly better. Here is my first attempt with the patch (actually, there had been several failed attempts before I noticed I had unintentionally swapped weapon sets and Hungering Void had been inactive after the update lol).

Thank you guys for your requests for a video. Due to them, I learnt to record and upload :). Enjoy! And if you notice I am doing something tactically wrong, your advices will be appreciated.
Methods of application of mobility skills:
0:13, 3:37 - offensive jumps
0:34 - adjusting line of fire in favour of railgun WPS
1:34 - anti-regeneration jump vs Chubaka’s pools
09:07 - I’m tired, I’m leaving (mobility fail)
09:17 - finally, a successful evasion

2 items of my build dropped :slight_smile:

Callagadra Ultimate

Killing Callagadra took 13 minutes.

Some tips:

  1. Choose an arena where you can run in circles for a long time (enough to have sandworms disappear). Sunbane Oasis is inconvenient for Disengage skills, but complies to that rule.
  2. Kill everyone in the arena in advance (healers!!!).
  3. Whenever Callagadra casts sandworms (the long animation of hitting the ground), take a distance of 17 meters. It often casts them after teleportation.
  4. Don’t be me! Use consumables!

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Looks very interesting, I might give this a try sometime.

Don´t quite understand the 12/12 in Tectonic Shift though.
Why not max Smite instead?

You took an old concept with new modern tools: OK mastery, new devotions; And the result seems great. Nice job!

Actually, It was the first skill I maxed for speedrunning the campaign :).
I think Tectonic Shift is important for Crucible speed and generally - for evasion. For example, I don’t think I could have killed Callagadra without it. But maybe I am too dramatic about this modifier :).

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Thank you! This is my first build to be published and I am glad it does not look boring :).

Wow, another Callagadra kill , congrats !

It reminds me golden times : jajaja’s Mogdrogen-kill builds & JOV’s do-it-all build, grateful for that …

Coud us have your vids ? If i may ask

Thank you :). Actually, It was not easy. Especially when you learn about healers in Sunbane Oasis in practice :D.

I am not experienced with vids, but I will try.

If you play on win10, just download gefore experience. There’s an IG overlay that allows you to take screenshots and record videos very easily.

You’re welcome

Thanks, cant wait to view your vids :slight_smile:

Wait…you soloed callagara on ultimate? if so that is unbelievable. It took me and a geared out warlord to kill that guy on ultimate and we wiped about 6 times.

I tried that too and was constantly eaten by his sandworms and tornadoes. So I decided to apply a more mobile approach :).

Using OBS Studio myself, rather easy to set up. Give it a try maybe?

Looking forward to you vid(s).

Or if you are Nvidia user, try ShadowPlay for recording video …

Nice job. Hah to all the chaos naysayers.

It would be interesting to hear your comparison thoughts of the darkblaze pyro (with FG gear, ofc).

(I’ve never done DB pyro, but am curious about FS vs RF ranged).

Dear All,
As requested, I uploaded the video. Don’t know how to make it playable in the thread… And, as the patch is out, I also updated the OP. Need to say that changed cooldowns make it feel a bit different: CC resists on Clarity of Purpose are like (sorry) a knock-off condom… create an illusion of safety until you are reminded of its illusive nature.

For some reason, recording turns off after a second without any file created.

That was the solution. Thanks!

My next project is a char with 11 Sky Shards, but I will possibly revert to your idea later! :slight_smile:

And Calla vid, please ? If I may ask

Updated with Callagadra video.
Callagadra Ultimate

PLEASE START WATCHING SINCE 09:37. Sorry for the lagging (main) part of the video, it was a bad idea to download Pillars of Eternity 2 while recording .
Killing Callagadra took 13 minutes. 03:00-03:15 explains why the video is longer. It was hilarious and educative. Health was reduced to 50-55% by that moment, therefore you can kill it within 10 minutes if you care about timing (or faster with better piloting skills/less precaution).
13:13 - Witness panic of Callagadra!

A couple of tips:

  1. Choose an arena where you can run in circles for a long time (enough to have sandworms disappear). Sunbane Oasis is inconvenient for Disengage skills, but complies to that rule.
  2. Kill everyone in the arena in advance (healers!!!).
  3. Whenever Callagadra casts sanworms (the long animation of hitting the ground), take a distance of 17 meters. It often casts them after teleportation.
  4. Don’t be me! Use consumables!

Disengage augment & Vire might combo : i have tried this combo with my PB Dervish but I would never have the patience for kiting & cleaning area like that . Thanks for your time

P/s : IDM rebuilding caused the lag, i guess ?

Nice build. Nice to see someone finally using a disengage rune. But wouldn’t Wretched Desires be better? You already got da shred on Korvaak, and 18% dmg red is huge (you basically got a Censure on your build) - totally worth 0.5s cd.

Also, Revenant. 10 more rr and a proper medal (non-myth Blood Sygil or something). Here’s a devo path in one of the setups https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83620.

You are absolutely right about the Rune. However, Ishtak’s Mercy has one significant advantage: I have the blueprint :). And that is quite ironic that (probably) the only augment I miss is the one I most need. Can Wretched Desires blueprint be obtained exclusively in the Shattered Realm?

As for Revenant, it is an interesting idea in the new meta. Probably I can dismiss Ghoul. In this case I will want to change the medal. Mythical Blood Sigil of Ch’Thon is the most obvious option, but I wonder if ordinary Blood Sigil of Ch’Thon can give more DPS with its proc. That would be hilarious). Another option (mainly for fun) is surprisingly the Blazeseer set.

A friend of mine was facetanking Callagadra for an hour. THAT is the patience))).
The lag was caused by downloading and installing another game. There was no lag in Grim Dawn, therefore I forgot about possible consequences for the recording(.