Kalestra The Eldritch Priest - Powerful Solo and Support Vita+Acid AOE Caster


Imbuing Inquisitor techniques with ancient magic of the Witch Gods, Kalestra dominates the battlefield with a wide range of AOE techniques to diminish her foes and shelter her allies. This is an Acid/Vitality AOE caster with decent damage and decent sustain. Also, badass lookin’ “Salazar Red” and “Vomit Green” floor runes due to the new damage conversion graphics on Inquisitor Seal and Sigil of Consumption, so there’s that. It’s like a very Grim Dawn Christmas out there. Click below for more information:

GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOB3odZ

Crucible Demonstration Vid:

Playstyle Demonstration Vid:


Playstyle Description and Total Debuffs Breakdown:

The playstyle is something thing like:

Using Ele-to-Vital conversions, use Word of Pain (with Will of Rattosh), Curse of Frailty (with Twin Fangs) and Bloody Pox (with Wendigo’s Mark). The stacked damage from these six techniques will cripple and destroy most trash mobs within a few seconds. These three skills are highly spammable or have a wide range (or spread very quickly through the masses in the case of Bloody Pox), spreading their damage and buffs through large crowds very quickly. Seriously if this build got out more countries would need to go into lockdown. If these enemies are anywhere within your 10.8 meter Aura of Censure radius, they will take further damage and debuffs. From these, debuffs inflicted include:

38% Movement Speed
-155 DA
-55% Poison/Acid Resistance
-95% Vitality Resistance
-8% Life Leech Resistance
15% Reduced Damage
-320 OA
30% Chance of Impaired Aim
-33% Health Regen
24% Slower Enemy Attack
31% Chance to be Confused every second.

As Enemies get closer, or when fighting larger enemies, you summon your buffed Inquisitor Seal (with Scorpion Sting), Sigils of Consumption (with Rumour), and start spraying them with Acid Purge (with Acid Spray), providing these debuffs:

-15% Vitality Resistance
-30% Poison/Acid Resistance
28 Reduced Target’s Resistances
-96 OA
150 Reduced Target’s DA

For OA, DA and Resistance shred, this brings the totals to:

-138 Vitality RR
-113 Acid/Poison RR
-415 OA Shred
-305 DA Shred

At a glance this build doesn’t have very high OA/DA, but with these shreds, it’s not a problem


Sources of Healing and Damage Mitigation:

This build has many sources of healing:

Sigil of Consumption:

With a fast recharge on Sigil of Consumption, you can have 3-4 of them active at any moment, giving you strong damage boost when on a single target, with a lot of healing.

Aura of Censure:

With the Radaggan set, this build gets 15% damage as healing from Aura of Censure. This skill doesn’t deal much damage, and so the healing from a single target is fairly dismissable, except - when the aura radius is 10.8 meters (21.6m target area), you’re damaging and healing from everything in the screen. When fighting groups of enemies, this makes a significant contribution to your health recharge.

Vampire Fangs:

Devotion Proc

Active Heals:

Blood of Dreeg and Word of Renewal for some top-ups if needed.

This Build has a few sources of damage mitigation:

Aura of Censure reduces enemy damage by 21%

Inquisitor Seal helps to absorb 190 damage.


Screenshots of Skills/Stats



With wide ranging AOE damage and debuffing combined with great sources of healing and decent damage mitigation, this build is a lot of fun, and very effective. It doesn’t have the resistance overcaps to deal with celestials, and I haven’t yet pushed it’s limits in Cruci or SR, but I’m looking forward to doing just that very soon. Having dual damage means that few enemies are strongly resistant against both, and one way or another your damage gets through.

The build’s main weakness for now is low ENERGY, and you will need to bring a full stock of energy potions to every fight.

This build DOES use two greens, and while in the Grimtools link they’re specialist to the damage types, this is not necessary for the build to be very effective, just ‘cherry on top’ stuff.

To reduce RSI in this piano-ish build, and to help with energy drain, it is recommended to primarily use Curse of Frailty, Bloody Pox and Word of Pain to destroy most trashy enemies and kite, employing Acid Purge, Sigil of Consumption and Inquisitor Seal only when larger enemies draw near.


Looks very interesting!
Black death and Solaels Witchfire are rly worth it …?

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Black Death was thematically relevant for a Vita/Poison combined damage build, and it does double the vita damage of the rest of the skill which is nice.

Solael’s -> Second Rite was mainly there to boost the Vitality resist overcap which is a little low.

This build is not minmaxed for maximum badassery, it was intended as a balance between a powerful, functional build, and a consistently themed idea :slight_smile:

I C.
Personally, I would get rid of black death and put the points into CoF, softcapped plus Deadly Aim, softcapped.
Think I´m gonna try that build. Good Idea of yours.

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