Karraspov's Crystal : What does it do?

So I just got this thing and when I use it there’s this purple crystal thing following me around, it seems to attack once every 3-5seconds but does very little damage.

Is this thing meant to actually do something or what?

Can move it with pet attack command but enemies just completely ignore it…

Edit: Oops I meant Kasparov’s Crystal…

Karraspov is quite a nice name for a new npc. Anyway i think it just follows you while being pretty.

I always read it like that lol

So it’s useless…

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Is it an aesthetic pet like the wisp, or does it die in combat due to its health?

I want to know this also

It’s immortal I have never seen it die not even to AoE

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its not totally useless… it helps you achieve a certain pet achievement easier:p

That achievement is stupidly easy to get anyway, I got it by accident

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It reminds me other game MICROTRANSACTIONS OF EXILE: FAIL OF ORIATH where pets are useless…

Ooooh, yeah. I noticed that achievement.
I read that you get a different crystal if you did not give the Hargate formula to Kasparov. Is it any different?
Pity Kasparov never solved that formula. Would be fun to get a spellcasting Slith pet instead… :wink:

Does the aetherial one do dmg to enemies or to you ?

Please turn down the volume of the sound that Kasparov’s AND Hargate crystals do please !