Keep the movement rune, when dismantling medals

I noticed something, when I want to change my medal during leveling and dismantle old one. When I click ‘‘keep add-on’’ I get to keep only the component and lose the movement rune. I know augments are lost this way, but is it engine limitation and does the medal runes function the same way as standard augments?

Cause it will be nice if you can keep your rune and not buy/craft new one every time you change component/medal, thanks.


As long as they’re called “augments” in the game (and they are) I wish for them to be treated the same as other augments. Any exceptions are confusing.


And can’t you just keep a stock of them in your transfer stash like other stuff?

Most augments also cost 5k bits instead of 100k and a rare mat.

Losing the augment is the reason why I only use the cheap level 1 movement runes for leveling. I’d rather use EEs for transmuting.

But perhaps a better solution would be to lower the mat cost of the lower level runes. I don’t see why they have to use an FG-only mat.

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