Key to get to Salazar when you're lvl 29

Hello there. Just got GD in recent GoG sale and currently playing through my first campaign. I finally got enough reputation with Devil’s Crossing to start doing Bounties after killing Darius Cronley. First bounty was for a guy in 4 Hills who didn’t last long, second one is for Salazar, blade of Cht’on.

If i understand correctly he’s found in the locked area past the Cultists camp to the east of Burwitch Outskirts. If i still understand correctly you can get a key to open that door either by letting the traitor live (i killed him long ago) or by farming the cultists.

Unfortunately, i’m now level 29 and the cultists are around lvl 18. When i kill them they don’t drop any item, let alone a key. I couldn’t attempt that quest (much) sooner as i had to kill Cronley to get enough rep to start bounties and i was already past lvl 25 when i killed him. I kept exploring a bit outside his lair, killing some Arkovian skellies, then did the 1st bounty and now it looks like i’m locked for the 2nd one.

Is there another way to get that key apart from those cultists that seem to be too low a level to drop anything?

Two ways: Keep going and hope that somewhere in Blood Grove or Darkvale Village a cultist will drop one for you or, if you have the expansion, they’ve even been known to drop it in the Mournedale area.

Otherwise, install GDStash and go to the crafting section then search for quest items and you can then put a Strange Key in your shared stash to access.

The key is a quest item, not a crafting material, so outleveling the cultistst isn´t really a problem. Just run the area before the locked door a couple of times, eventually the key should drop. Drop rates are meh though, be patient.

As far as I know, only cultists in Act 1 can drop they key.

Fun fact: If several keys drop, put one in your personal stash (they stack there), so you can pick up another (for Elite/ultimate).

Drop rates are meh? I’ve sometimes had around FIVE keys drop in a single run to the door.

When you find the cultist orders in Burrwitch you can make a deal with Direni in Devil’s Crossing, spare him in exchange for the strange key. That’s what I do when I don’t get the cultists to drop the key.

Yeah, but the OP has already killed him so that option is out. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I once spent over an hour trying to farm that key. I never did get the key with that character. Such is the capricious will of the RNGod that rules our fate.

Thanks for all your replies.

Indeed, they finally dropped that :furious: key after multiple runs. Fun fact, they dropped 3 on that single run so thanks to the stash tip i now have enough keys for higher difficulties (or other characters) :stuck_out_tongue:

Had to drink a bunch of tonics but Salazar is down. No blade thought (from what i’ve read here while searching how to find him, he sometimes drops a nice sword). I got a “Chthonic Seal of Binding” somewhere in the dungeon and from the colour it looks like a quest item but it didn’t trigger any quest when i got it unlike the “Runestone of Dreeg” or the “Strange Key”. Is it normal behaviour and the quest where it’s used will get revealed in time?

Chthonic Seal of Binding is needed for a quest, but it’s not a quest item in the same sense as a Strange Key. It’s an item you need to complete a quest so again put it and any others you find in the transfer stash - and you can pick up more of those at one time btw. It’s also needed for some shrines.

Not to mention that it’s a crafting component in many, many, recipes.