Killed raiders should drop loot for your village

Weapons, gold, etc.

Make it worthwhile to win defenses beyond “didn’t get pillaged”.


Weapons, armor, clothing, and boots would make sense, maybe some food. Obviously not too much of it as most would be damaged, but some would be nice. But raiders are generally not going to carry gold to a raid.


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+1 Good idea.

I would also add that soldiers engaged in the battle get some sort of bonus to their skills for each encounter.


Would be nice to have tis mechanic on higher difficulty games.

Maybe even training soldiers to wildlife …

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This would be nice even if they just dropped Crude weapons/armor

It certainly would make sense for them to drop items, such as their amour etc. Gold not so much.
It also only could be something like worn clothes.

No, an invading army will only have weapons to recover.

They are not going into battle with food gold lumber iron berries furniture.

There should be no drops in the game. If there would be, it should only be weapons with a small chance of recovery, like 10%.


Perhaps successfully fending off a raid (i.e. 2/3rds of raiders killed/nothing stolen/no deaths, or something similar) should result in a temporary productivity boost for your people as a “celebration” for successfully defending the village?

With weapon/armor salvage, I think it could be easily abused so that you just farm raiders for your gear rather than build up your industry to provide for those needs. Why bother spending the resources on an Armory and weapons when all the shields and swords you could want will just walk up and knock on your door? You’d only ever build a Fletcher and a million Watchtowers at best.


There are already drops in the game, so why shouldn’t there be any more?

Maybe I’m missing something here but doesn’t that make sense in the context of town defense? Your troops would be mainly for shoring up holes in your defenses and patrolling the undefended perimeter. Am I just thinking too much about Stronghold and missing the point? Man I miss pitch pits. I would absolutely switch back to raiders on if there were pitch pits and other traps.

you’re missing the point

I was talking more about looting raiders for weapons and armor disincentivizing players from building core industry components: the Armory and to a lesser extent the Blacksmith. I have a Watchtower perimeter around my entire village as well now ever since my last raid taught me that Raiders aim for the gaps in your defense; in my case, where my towers weren’t.

What I was trying to say is that, at least from my perspective, there would be no benefit or reason to craft weapons and armor when faced with the prospect of looting them from raiders that you’ve riddled with arrows from a safe distance.

So what is the point? Are you supposed to be fielding armies? I’m not trying to be facetious or argue, I just think that people might be trying talk about 2 separate ideas as if they are the same issue and it is causing confusion.

Oh, I see what you are saying but if the dropped weapons and armour were in a depreciated state and only a small % drop doesn’t that make it useful at the beginning but better to use your own created goods later? Again I could easily be misunderstanding because I turned off raiders when I realised it was an increasing wave system, perpetual defense type thing and not something that could be ‘solved’.

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yeah I think Jaaro is being silly here

Nope, mostly serious. I really think that players wouldn’t bother building their own weapons if they could pick them up off the ground instead.

I am all for there being some sort of reward to successfully fending off a raid however.


I think you’re right about this one. I think too many good drops would discourage one’s own manufactures. I also agree that there should be some sort of reward, though. A level up for a soldier?

Tell me, though – you can turn raiders off? How does one do that? I’d be happy to do so until I get a grasp on all the other game concepts. Trying to take on too much is not for me right now, with an illness in the family.

Tick ‘pacifist mode’ in the options when generating a new map

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