Killing Spree in Rockfield

Tonight I had two separate killing sprees in which a drunken soldier killed 21 in the first attack, then 16 in the second. Are we going to be given tools to confront these atrocities? Perhaps a constabulary or neighborhood wise guys who keep the riff-raff out?

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You don’t need pubs, beer is better being sold than consumed.

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Yeah, this is Learning Curve stuff: I started by producing beer and slapping down Pubs for the Entertainment value and Gold, then realized the Downside of losing villagers, not being able to trust my troops, and getting very little Gold out of it overall.

Now I get the Entertainment from Festival Poles and Theaters and Gold from trading Beer and the soldiers can stick to Apple Juice and life is so much easier!


and that right there is why I deleted all my pubs lol I only sell beer now.

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