kilrian shattered soul

Sorry for what seem a stupid question. I’m trying to farm kilrian shattered soul for an crafting item. Is there a level restriction, as in I cant farm it on veteran difficulty on my 61 toon.

I’m sure I read some time ago that items only drop from Mobs and bosses if there X level below or above your Char. Any one know if I’m right on that ??

That restriction is true only for rare crafting materials like ancient hearts etc. Kilrian will drop his soul alright, sometimes you’re unlucky and it takes a while. How often have you run him?

Only 4 runs, just unlucky I guess. Didn’t want to do it over and over if there was no chance of it to drop. So thxs for the quick reply m8.

I farmed one to make the torment relic, took me about 40 ish runs to get all the pieces. Drop chance is low at best.