Kilrian's Shattered Soul, Kilrian's Flame ADctH and builds using it

I guess the ADctH part of the granted skill Kilrian’s Flame is not global but skill only right? It would show up at Life Steal then am i correct?

I use it on my Virtue Fire Aegis Paladin atm and dont know if its a viable option there. At least it feels like it fits well.

I am curious about builds you play which using Kilrian’s Shattered Soul component.
Is it a top choice for fire melee builds in general?

I gather most players keep Kilrians Shattered Soul for crafting items and relics?
One use I have definitely found for it is in my CLASSLESS character that focuses on fire and lightning damage.

I was struggling to get vitality resist and KSS gave me 20%.
The % Fire and Burn damage was also a nice boost (it also gives % Vitality and Decay if your build can use it)

The % Attack speed was also very welcome.

It’s granted skills give flat Fire damage (and again flat Vitality and Decay damage).
The ADctH applies ONLY to the equipped weapons damage as far as I am aware (stand to be corrected if wrong), but is still quite useful in a CLASSLESS character whereby you are not going to get sort of life leech from Mastery Skills.

In a normal DUAL class build there are usually better options for chest armor depending on your build’s focus, but if it fits with what you are trying to achieve then use it.

One of the beauties of Grim Dawn, there is NO FIXED way in stone to do anything - you can always find combos that seem odd at first, but do amazing things.


It could be really nice if you have a decent cooldown reduction. Not sure about the endgame potential. Definitely usable on Classless chars though I’d probably go for DA and regen on chest.

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Adcth applies only to the dmg of the skill

Rare choice because chest spot is usually needed to fix armor absorption. If not, it is usually taken by the skull which gives racial dmg and resists

It is a viable choice though. The most useful part of it is AS. Endgame melee build requires high attack speed to survive.

doesnt work on item granted skills

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That is a very interesting observation!
I have not centered any of my builds around Cooldowns yet, but that is something that I will definitely will have to take into consideration if I do.

I was always under the impression that Cooldown reduction affected any effect with a timer.

This game never disappoints and can highlight how assumptions can get your build killed, or become an enigma as to why it is not performing the way you have designed it? :grim_dawn:

My man!!!