Kilrian's Soul Drop Bugged?

I’ve killed him 20ish times now, and with a 25% drop rate the chance he wouldn’t have coughed it up by now is getting unlikely. I know RNG is RNG but still does anyone know if the drop rate is bugged or not?

I fought him a dozen times over the past weeks and got three Shattered Souls.

Not getting it 20 times in a row has an about 0.3% chance (if you have the correct drop rate), but that needs to happen, too.

On the other side I am still waiting for an Apothecary’s Injector and an Explorer’s Cover to drop…

Okay as long as I know it’s still dropping. Thanks

Hahahaha just got one.

Complaining always help :slight_smile:

OK, now it’s my turn to get those missing set items.

Sort of tangentially related but you know Apothecary’s Touch drops all the time, it’s fairly common, if you’ve got duplicates you can always trangmo it. Same with Explorer’s Cover. You probably already know this but if you’re needing it for something to build or what not I thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

EDIT: Actually in rethinking this, I’m not sure Epics can be transmo? Anyone?

Yes they can be transmuted :slight_smile:

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Yes, but I’m currently playing without expansions (so, the loot pool is smaller). And if I were playing with them, the cost of an Eldritch Essence is too prohibitive for transforming these low level set items.

I can probably increase my chances by fighting Cronley’s Gang and hope for a WYSIWYG drop while doing bounties for DC.

Hey, saw some of your other posts earlier in the day and forgot to say ‘welcome back!’