Krieg MI Set

Anyone knows where you’re supposed to farm that set, since now we have 2 Kriegs?

Spoilers much? I have not yet gotten there… please put that in the topic title next time.

I got a piece of the set from Valaxteria in Crown hill… Not sure if its actually a MI

Fleshweaver Krieg (the Krieg from the Fleshworks) drops the helm

Valaxteria (in Crown Hill near the devotion shrine) drops the shoulders and gloves

Ternon (in the Burning Cellar in Malmouth Outskirts) drops the boots

I haven’t gotten the chest and i have no clue on who drops it

today the chest dropped for me from fleshweaver krieg

Really? Then a bug must have been in the beta because all he dropped was the helm and no chest. Guess i have someone to farm.

Just so we’re clear Fleshwarper Krieg is Warden Krieg correct?

Yeah, he was resurrected as a Fleshweaver.

Drops and probablities:
Helmet - 4% [Fleshweaver Krieg]
Chest - 4% [Fleshweaver Krieg]
Shoulders - 3.6% [Valaxteria]
Gloves - 3.6% [Valaxteria]
Boots - 5% [Terrnox]
Fleshweaver Krieg and Valaxteria can’t equip both items at once.

Is it possible to farm it in Elite also or does it just loot in Ultimate?

Drops on all difficulties

Ah ok nice! And does it drop with the same probabilities that Dammitt mentionned in his comment in each difficulty?

No idea. I just believe in hitting stuff with a stick till they drop their gear :rolleyes:

Ahahaha I will definitely try it out :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the information.

I am wondering, if there a way that you put MI drop probabilities in directly? :slight_smile: