KS Update #14 - $400k and new combat video!

Love the video. Here’s hoping we reach all the goals and more!

Glad to hear because a friend and I were wondering the same thing!

These are all part of the reason we’re on Kickstarter. We do have several other enemy groups but we definitely need more. Part of the money will be used to help build out more enemy types and also give them more diverse deaths.

Also, the questions piled up on the most video:

  1. The enemies are coming randomly through the levels?
  2. What is the flying balls with one eye? Demons? After a stunning long lie on the ground xg
    You can make them worse and darker? Tentacles or something in that spirit …
  3. All the videos we are fighting with the zombies. Zombie is the work of Aetherials? I would like to see Ch’thonics.

Incidentally noticed after the death of the enemies are lying on the ground longer. It’s cool … :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite sure what you mean in #1 but the enemies are randomly spawned. Some areas will always spawn enemies of the same “race” like aetherial / undead but you never what will appear in the groups. Can sometimes be all zombies, with different types of champion zombies with special skills, the bigger mutants can get mixed in, the floating corruptions, which “Gazers”, flesh hulks, and other nasty stuff. The gazers are a group of aetherial creations that help control and give life to the zombies. The more powerful Gazers are called “overminds” and serve sort of like nodes in the aetherial’s network of telepathic communication.

For the Ch’thonics we only have bloodsworn human cultists and a demon so far, which was shown in the KS intro video. We’ll be working to flesh them out more now that we have funds to pay artists. We also have a couple other enemy types just awaiting animation.

The action in the new video looks sweet, the impacts look like they have a lot more weight behind them than in TQ. Melee combat has always been my favourite tho.

If we hit the two handed weapon goal I’d love to see a good beheading animation put in there for crits, nothing says ‘check out my massive weapon’ better than a bloody head rolling along the ground! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried to watch it but I got an “Error 37” message.

brb – Have to type some negative reviews. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently he is talking about the appearance of randomness and variety of enemies in the passing game again.
Apparently he does not speak English well and enjoys the google translator. Unfortunately, as I do.
It should be added to the ghouls and skeletons
Very cool video … Diablo 3 sucks.

Wow they actually reached +400K Congratiolations! I hope this helps much in the development. The only thing I regret is not being able to donate :\

T-minus 30 hrs to go!

Will we reach the two-handed weapons or won’t we? We need just under 13k to get it. Heres to hoping.

Really glad to see the money is still rolling in! Hoping we keep reaching the stretch goals before the end of KS!

It sure looks like we’re about to hit 450k!

So…where’s the $440k thread!? People are rocking the 11th hour here, this is awesome! High-five to everyone!

Wouldn’t be surprised to see us hit 445k before I go to bed in a couple hours. The project still has over 24 hours to surge for the rest of the stretch goals and might just do it.

The Kickstarter just hit 10,500 backers and is now over $444K!


Go Grim Dawn! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for some awesome ARPG action TQ style :slight_smile:

Congrats on Kickstarter.

Just under 2.5k to go for the next tier. Then we get two-handed weapons. YAY!

I am very glad we have this “KS end-boom” for GD as well, such a good thing to have two-handers soon, yay! =)

Good god, you guys! Got to work this morning to see us passing $460k. Two days ago I was guessing $440k. Glad you guys proved me wrong in the best way!

Glad to see the final wave is here as expected. Hopefully it will carry the game beyond a half million. (doesn’t that sound better than $500k?) :stuck_out_tongue:

haha it sounds awesome :slight_smile: 16h is more than enough!
I have faith and hope, but can’t pledge more than I already did.
crossed fingers

Ooooh! Just under 6k to get a 3rd end game boss to farm :stuck_out_tongue: