KS Update #14 - $400k and new combat video!

Just my luck Internet turns into a snail as I try and watch it.

Damn always-on internet video DRM!1!!

I really wish I could play GD right here and now, as that vid was really sweet. nice update and looks like the funding has increased a bit after the update was announced

I so want this game, and badly:D

That video is amazing! I want to knock gazers around like giant beach balls :cry:

Medierra, why must you torture me so! I can’t raise my pledge any further, so why do you make me watch this?! Whhyyyyyy…

Not to say I don’t enjoy it. I just might go a little stir-crazy waiting till the Alpha, from seeing so much awesome packed into one game :smiley:

I am very pleased to hear that the $400k goal has been reached. Just waiting for that discussion now to appear concerning the new environment set. :smiley:

I may just write a critique on this vid as I did with two previous ones. Looks good man, keep up the good work.

Nice with another video and it does seem that pledges have picked up a bit again. I’m hoping it’ll hit at least 425K. The more the better.

Yes, that will be great if it hits $425K. Three extra dungeons! More dungeons is always good… :slight_smile:

With 2 days and 4 hours left, kicktraq is showing a trend of $434k with a “cone high” of $480k :smiley:

The new footage is sweet!

I’m really hoping for the last of the stretch goals. The survival town sounds like so much fun. But hopefully we’ll see it in an expansion if it doesn’t make it into initial release.

LOL, priceless!! (Actually, I suppose that it’ll cost a certain competitor a lot of $$$ in terms of extra staffing for customer service, bad word-of-mouth, and lost subscriptions.)


Lookin’ good! A little slow for my tastes, I’m hoping you weren’t using a speed-focused build? :slight_smile:

Oh, and I love the gore effects! The blood particle cloud is great, and the zombie thing at the end that explodes into a pile of limbs is a nice touch.

i love the impact effect when hitting with the shield charge, makes you fix your eyes on the target to see how further it will fly:D!

i wish we could unlock the 2H tier…, although i have to say, we went a long way from the start, it is already a very good accomplishment as it is!

I think it’s still possible to have the two handed weapons. i’really thrilled that the pledges are raising nicely the last days!

Arthur and his team really deserve it!

Suggestion agreed and confirmed.
Two handed weapon is a “must have feature” :slight_smile:

Great video, but I have doubt. Your melee character looks like ran through opponents. There is no mechanism for collision? :confused:

Really like the video, somehow the combination of a 1h/shield + explosives appeals a lot to me. But now I wonder what other combinations can be made…

The amount pledged is almost at $420k, so I think the 2-hander stretch goal is within reach. Personally I’m hoping that the $480k survivor town goal will also be reached. But whatever happens now, even though I still think that the Kickstarter should have done a whole lot better, Crate is able to look back at a successful project and know that at least some 10k fans have faith in their game.

There is but we are still playing with it to get something that feels good.

Video terrific.
I saw zombies armed with swords and it’s great …
And then all the zombies unarmed …
What I would like to see:

  1. More diverse bestiary of enemies
  2. Active use of bladed weapons enemies.
  3. I would like to see more variety of enemies death.
  4. More blood and gloom!!!

Also, the questions piled up on the most video:

  1. The enemies are coming randomly through the levels?
  2. What is the flying balls with one eye? Demons? After a stunning long lie on the ground xg
    You can make them worse and darker? Tentacles or something in that spirit …
  3. All the videos we are fighting with the zombies. Zombie is the work of Aetherials? I would like to see Ch’thonics.

Incidentally noticed after the death of the enemies are lying on the ground longer. It’s cool … :stuck_out_tongue: