KS Update #15

The end is near! Holy crap, you guys burned through all the original stretch goals. I am in awe, I didn’t think that would happen. I’ve posted a couple new, cool things that we can consider now if we continue even higher. One of them is the survival mode we talked about doing in the past but have had to put on hold. The first just pads out content a bit but the second is an extra dungeon art-set, which I’m pretty excited about. At $520k, we’ll not only build it but give it to everyone who pre-ordered or backed on KS for free. :wink:

Also, check out the update to get a peak at some work-in-progress monsters and a new music track.

Well done, Sir. Hope you go above and beyond the final goal.

Love the music track! We’ll certainly get to the 490k goal, should easily get to the 500k goal, and have a decent chance of getting survival mode at 520k.

nice :slight_smile:

Even more items! :smiley:

Man, it’s going to be super exciting to see development of the game pick up speed. I also couldn’t be happier about the 2h weapons as that has always been my singular biggest wish but has been an “in an expansion, later, maybe” thing.

I demand that you buy yourself some high quality celebratory beer! You can use my preorder/ks money for it.

I have to be honest, I only learned about GD a few days ago when I casually opened my GameSpy Weekly mail and saw the link to Mike Sharkey’s Preview.

I was pretty impressed with the video and followed the KS link, at the time being at about 340K.

Even then I didn’t immediately pledge since I was interested in seeing how these 10 or so last days would shape up. I basically wanted to see which goals could realistically be achieved before deciding how much I’d want to pledge.

In the end it turned out great for me too as I chose the 45$ tier which wasn’t originally available.

Point is, I’m sure I’m not the only one to wait until the end to pledge and think that the last few hours will provide us with some happy surprises :slight_smile:

EDIT: Aaand, there goes the 490K goal, here’s to the 500K one!!!

Well, you should at least make Chameleon happy :slight_smile:

This is amazing guys :slight_smile: Now I pledged my 58 $ to 78 $ . Keep it up :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to witness the final hours of the kickstarter (curse you time zones!), but in advance I would like to congratulate Crate on a successful and very well run Kickstarter project! I’m pretty sure I’ll wake up to a final funding figure beginning with a 5, and I hope the second digit will be quite impressive as well…

yeah, I did have my doubts if we would ever get this funded, I admit that, but really glad to be proved wrong, now that we are only hours away, Im really glad to see the funding at a really good level, far higher then I would have imagined

this is really going to be one uber awesome game

congrats to everyone for making this happen

and congrats to the dev team for making this game to begin with, without you, we wouldn’t be here, without us, there wouldn’t really be much of a game to speak of

but together we are stronger, and have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt this game will happen, and its going to be one awesome game to boot

a round of applause to everyone who has pledged and to the devs

we did it people, we did it :smiley:

Sweet Slaughter house! I go to bed when we had 15 hrs left and we’ve just about reached the third exstra boss. I wake up and we have 500K Way to GO! another 20k and we’ll meet all the goals, can we do it with 5 hrs left?

blink wow, 15 minutes and we’ve jumped from 500k to 502k i think maybe we might just make it if this keeps up.

It’s impressive how fast it went up in the last couple of days. I mean only 2 days ago there were less than 10k backers, and now there are over 12k.
And yeah, fairly sure survival mode goal will happen. It just went up from 500k to 510k in just an hour and a bit, and there are 4 more hours left.
Well done! This turned out way better than I thought it would.

Congrats & nicely said matthewfarmery. claps :slight_smile:

I discovered the Crate Entertainment and the Kickstarter project via Runic Games when checking on Torchlight II this past Thursday.

I watched the pitch video and I had to pledge because I am a fan of Titan Quest and ARPG in general, but Grim Dawn is just looking very good that I can’t wait to see the progress and product.

BTW my wife saw the pitch video today, and she wanted to pledge as much as possible. But we made a compromise and I changed my pledge to match her higher level (hoping my pledge will work as I had to cancel my lower pledge to not go over our budget to make my higher pledge).

We hope you and yours can make Crate Entertainment a success and bring gaming back to gamers as well as that Grim Dawn will be the rebirth of making your dreams come alive.

~ Andrew & Tracy Levandoski

Pffff we wont reach the $535 goal so the whole thing is an abject failure…

I’m joking! This is wonderful. :smiley:

Congrats everyone! I kept refreshing till the end to not miss a single increase in contribution!!! Good job and congrats to everyone! We are the winners in the end! :smiley:

Couldn’t agree more! I was excited before the kickstarter began. Got more excited when we reached the funding goal, and am currently ecstatic about the final total!
The next 14-15 months could not go quick enough!!!

All stretch goals met…

and now

we dance…

$537,515 as on Saturday morning, 8am in France: very well done Crate, congratulations! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see more updates about who will join your team to help with the development (a new video of developers having beer? :D)
Guess Grim Dawn will finally be out next year: I’m starting to count the days in my calendar…