Label monster infrequents as such in tool tip

Label monster infrequents as such. So I want to be able to look at the piece and know from the label. In TQ I knew them so it didn’t matter, but in GD I find this hard even though I have played 1 character through the campaign and several into act 2 or 3. So I want to be able to put the tooltip over the item in my inventory and somewhere in the text say ‘monster infrequent’ or even ‘MI’ if text is deemed too big.

Would you believe me if I said you’ll know them all in GD too, so it doesn’t matter?

Yes but for people who do not play as many playthroughs or even just so it is more convenient.

Do you got any links to threads discussing MIs?

Out of curiosity, why do you want them to be labelled?

In another MI thread, I explained that I wanted them labelled so I don’t vendor them. I don’t want them for builds, but since they are required for crafting, it would save a lot of looking items up on lists.

Very few of them are needed for crafting, so if you cannot remember those three or so items, then labeling all 100 or so MIs won’t help you either

You might want to look up the new recipes that we’ve gotten. I have a list of 8 I need just based on the recipes I’ve already found. That list is:

Pulsing Shard
Yeti Horn
Ascended Vest
Incendiary Shoulders
Murderer’s Cowl
Rift Scourge Slicer
Spectral Crown
Ascended Diadem

There are more, including the ones used for relics that have been around for a while. And I’d save a copy or two of each of them, assuming that some will appear in a new recipe not yet released.

Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. But a better solution may just be to make them a little less rare, as noted in another thread. That way instead of stashing a bunch of MIs (which I and a ton of other people would certainly do, and may do anyway) you could just go to the area where they are and do a few run throughs.

My reason is to learn they are MIs so I have more knowledge. So I can think about that MI and wonder if it is junk or worth looking for that type of MI. For example if I never knew that deathweaver legtip was a MI that dropped from spiders I would just think it was a good affix. So with that knowledge if I am in greece with a rogue with poison I know it’s not a bad idea to farm spiders.

I honestly cannot name a single MI in GD despite having 384 hours playing. So if anyone else is similar to my experience then I am having a harder time learning the MIs than in Titan Quest. It might be because there was more talk of them on that I stumbled on whereas I haven’t found as much info here. In general I’d say we need more types of headings on the forum rather than put every information in skills and builds whereas in you could research specific things like a different header for each masteries and otherwise more headings (but that’s a separate feedback).

So the purpose is for knowledge. To know what stats are added from an MI. Some MIs are all around good but maybe a certain damage type like deathweaver legtip (poison). Some are awesome endgame drops like stonebinders cuffs or betrachos grieves. And probably the majority of MIs (at least in Titan Quest) are nothing more special than a good yellow.

Yes. That would make life, especially for New Players easier.

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It is easy for me to identify MIs simply because those items usually has the monster’s name on it.

For those that like incendiary pauldron, the fleshwarped casque, those are trickier to identify but I learn about them fast enough to know where they come from and I have not even completed the game even once.

So it is not really that hard to know what is what if you even attention to the drops.

Dude, fanboy, seriously - this game isn’t perfect. It’s great yet not perfect.
Why the heck do you defend everything the developers made?
Labelled MIs would sure be helpful for beginners so don’t act like it wasn’t an issue!

Just because someone disagrees does not mean someone is a fanboy.

His point is that labeling hundreds of the MIs will not be any real help if you cannot remember where they drop from when you need them for crafting.

If anything, it will contribute to more storage problems as new players that pick them up will hang on to them because they are “infrequent”.

I said that labelling them does not help him when what he really wants is to know which items to keep for crafting. While some MIs are needed for it, most are not.

Care to point out where that statement is wrong, or do you just have trouble reading ?

Why are most posts I see about the game, is to make it easier? Or to make it like other games (servers, auction house, etc)?

I don’t understand. Is it just me?

I waited for such a long time for a challenging, time spending aRPG game and I finally found one. Now, all I see is, add this, make that easier to find, make everything easier to find.

Tired of it. Leave the game as it is, with slight adjustments. Balancing and that such stuff.

Mods are going to be good, but I think with all BS that some people suggest, finding a good decent mod is going to be challenging…

That was really cute, kid.

Having items needed for crafting highlighted doesn’t make anything easier, just more convenient.
With the incredible amount of items dropped, looking at each green in your inventory to find out whether it’s one you might need for crafting is just absolutely inconvenient.
The same applies to automatically picking up materials. Does it make the game easier? For me, it doesn’t. But it would be a lot more convenient.

given your reply this seems to be the logical conclusion…

As it stands you could not point out where I was wrong, so you chose to just ignore the relevant part of my post and reply with some nonsense to the rest, further confirming your reading problems. Maybe you should have something useful to add before hitting reply, would certainly make it a more productive conversation.

MI <> crafting, you do have a comprehension problem…