Lack of 2h sword MI's

There are only three green MI swords. Lucius’ Blade Arm, Sunherald Claymore and Alkamos Warsword. I think that this should be improved. Write down your suggestions what swords would you like to see. There could be swords with bonuses for Blade Arc and Cadence for different damage types.

Chaos 2h sword for AA… Maybe savagery Based?


You forgot new one Sunherald’s Claymore.

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2H Pierce focus Sword AA based. People wants Nadaan to have AS for ages, well instead we can have a MI for that kind of attack type. But I wonder, is there any heroes/bosses left without specific item uniquely itself?

There are several heroes, but not sure they use 2h swords…

Yeah, there are bosses with no MI. From the top of my head I recall this Chthonian in the ruined cave, which you literally kill once for the quest. Would be nice for it to have an chaos-oriented 2h sword or mace. The other is Azaleon, who probably fits into pierce thematic.

But truth be told, they already did a great job on MIs. Dozens of them been added only this year.

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I would like to see something for acid Witchblades. Either Blade Arc or Cadence. Also more love for Battlemage wouldn’t hurt - elemental Blade Arc.

Acid cadence would be dope, but what monster to put that item on? There’s not that many acid bosses that use blades. Maybe one of Kaisan’s blade-arms, but Kaisan already drops the MI amulet, hmmm.

there is already a blue weapon for 2H acid cadence

And that weapon has no phys to acid conversion - useless.

Could be added of course. And there is acid cadence condiut for the cadence hit.
perhaps switch the damage to beast skins to physical to acid conversion instead.

I forgot about that one.

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but yeah weapon could use phys to acid conversion for the other hits

Wait, only the third hit is converted? How do you know that?

I might be wrong, but I have read it several times. Never actually tested it my self with DPS meter with Grim Internals or anything.

Too bad I’m not using mods, then… =)

I’m confused with topic.

Why does it “have” to be a sword? We have plenty of 2-handed MI’s which match every damage type (a few outlier’s here and there)

We could probably stand to see more Chaos/Pierce support but not really required.

Because there are less MI swords than other 2H melee types.

Sword with +4 to Fire Strike and 100% Chaos Converted to Lightning to Fire Strike. Stick it on a FG boss somewhere in the desert.

Any 2H sword with 50% armor piercing. Playing a self-found 2H pierce character, after finding Empowered Bladefury (lvl 50) I was forced to use it until I reached level 100 - not because it was so good but because I found nothing to replace it (is when I finally found M. Razorleaf Glaive and then M. Nadaan’s Reach) - as anything without 100% total armor piercing resulted in huge damage loss due to armor mechanics (and shop swords only went as high as 38% - and I never found one with increased armor-piercing affix - or any other items that could increase it to a total of 100% (paired with Blades of Nadaan constellation, of course)). Imagine a level 100 character that relies on his weapon damage - wielding a level 50 sword… Maybe I missed something when playing - but I was really surprised at the lack of such type of swords.