Lags during the fight with Callagadra

Good time. I think that many have encountered lags in the game, especially the question of Callagadre, lags at minimum settings, is of interest. Does anyone know a universal solution to this problem?

No idea… running the game on ultra and no lags VS her.

no, seems to be “individual” solutions depending on system
for some it helped to move game install and save location to ssd,
some used video game settings changes that fit them, High FPS vs. HQ Graphics - the best balance?
some used the cpu trick,
someone just made a retexture mod and OP said it removed some stutters for them
some got it alleviated by using higher powerplan for cpu or gpu or both (performance/max instead of balanced)
i got intermittent stutters removed by using Nvidiea inspector and using some settings there/not available in regular Nvidia control panel - but i couldn’t use it because it involved not having frame sync which means i just got screentearing all the time since my monitor didn’t have gsync
disable steam overlay,
proper drivers
etc etc etc etc etc various different things here and there for various people/systems

*also worth to mention that if you’re using the “cactus trick” then it might be a totally different/local fight issue because of what that exploit deals with and spazzes out the ai totally

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Thanks for your reply, I’ve tried all of the above but nothing worked. The driver is fresh, of course, the settings seem to be correct. Yes, without a cactus or with it, there is no difference. And what about the cactus trick, can you be more specific?

thanks i saw it. what is the point?

look how much less getting hit compared to full facetank out in the open
aside from calla’s own ai spazizng out and not fully attacking, her wind devils and sandstorms does the same, so it was way easier and safer since you take considerable less dmg than usual

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I understand, thanks, I did all this and I know, another bug for weak builds…

yep, but the same “bug” that affords safety, for some players causes lag, which is why i mentioned it, “ai spazzing out” makes cpu choke or something i guess :smile:

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thanks for your time and detailed explanations. By the way, I turned on the graphics to medium settings and checked the boxes almost everywhere and stopped lagging on Callagadre ))

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interesting, wonder what causes it for her fight/which video settings is “more” related to her than other areas in the game :thinking:

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I have an old computer, I can take a screenshot and drop it here