larria the hexxer attacks

I’ve been trying to kill larria in Ultimate with my 96 level Death Knight. I’ve got 15K HP, 2500+ DA, very high or max resists in about everything.

And I systematically get oneshot by her attack. I’ve tried to kite when she seems about to cast her circular attack, but that does not change anything. At some point, Bam, Hp goes from 15K to zero.

How do you deal with her ? Is there a tell for that attack ? I think it’s a shotgunning effect from some of her spells. But I’m not sure, it’s just too fast.

Finally managed to kill her by kiting and only attacking when Mark of Torment was up. Still got oneshot once with Mark active (53% damage absorption and 296% reflect…)

I’ve fought her a few times. At first, I couldn’t figure them out, but later, they’ve become easy, but I do fight them with a little range, so you are going to have to help me out here (or maybe I should go fight them again), but from what I recall, they do not kill you when they initially cast, but they kill you from the boomerang effect. So basically, when you see their spell cast, step back a little bit where the missiles are more separated, and step in a spot the missiles are not as they return. With all the objects in that room, there are always gaps between the missiles.

Janaxia has % life damage on all her attacks. Even their auto attack, a five projectile chaos bolt has 8% on each projectile. So even just standing next to her and getting shotgunned will deal 40% of current health. The projectile nova skills hurt even more.

Larria on the other hand has a bunch of elemental attacks but no % life damage there at all. Probably a resistance issue since she does have a spell that has 30 flat elemental reduction.

The simple truth is that in ultimate (and also crucible) even ‘max’ resist isn’t going to really cut it 100% of the time. Most resists need to be 20-30 over cap for situations such as this when you get hit by a moderate resistance reduction.

Even if you have 80% (+5) resistance to her attacks once you get hit with her RR you’ll be down at 55% and taking 125% increased damage compared to someone who had 80% (+30)

Given how hard she hits me (with resists overcaped…) and how she managed to outright kill you through mark of torment I’m guessing a key resist is in the 60-70 range. You can see her exact stats here keep in mind though her damage will be higher than the values listed but that’ll show you what she is doing (pure elemental damage + 30 resistance reduction)

I think it’s just the combo of multi hit projectiles + RR and/or that life reduction.
I wish the player’s PRM was that good. :wink:
Another important factor is the weapons they can spawn with, sometimes they have these caster weapons with 300-400% extra damage and you just die in one volley even with overcapped res and 13k+ HP.

I think their shotgun/burst potential should be lowered a bit because of the above.
Another enemy type that does crazy damage are those fleshweaver bosses like in Malmouth Harbor.
The circling Aether swirls they put on the ground stack and do massive damage and can melt you under a second if you stand in them.

Are you talking about Fleshweaver Haraxis? At first, I also thought the Aether swirls were the killer, as it turns out, I was getting killed by the Wisps he spawns, which have some sort of tether between them. If you let those things surround you, they do massive damage. You can tell when he is about to cast them by a verbal command he says. Back up, and kill the wisps without letting them surround you.

Fleshweaver Harraxis and pretty much any Architect of Flesh, regular Fleshweaver and Fleshshaper have the Mark of Aetherfire debuff. It’s that debuff with the light green CoF icon and it lowers your Aether resist by 28% and elemental by 35%. It’s why their aether attacks can hurt really bad if you are under that debuff and you don’t have overcapped aether resist.

Harraxis has a special attack that makes him way more nasty. When he summons those wisps, you better not let them surround you. As long as you don’t, he’s not bad. But the debuff may be what makes those wisps so dangerous.

No need for more nerfs, we’ve already gotten a castrated chupacabra and grava from so many people complaining about them.

Yep I’m aware of the need for Overcap… But gearing for level 94 takes time. I managed through most everything I met (I sidestepped Kupa after 30 min of stalemate) except her.

But my gear isn’t what it should be now. Plus there’s no clear set for a DK.

Anyway thanks for the answer. Janaxia went down easily, since my Vita and life leech resists are overcapped and we were playing on the same field.

Yeah those tethers really hurt too, I just learned not to stand in the ground effects for those enemies since they stack so many times, it hurts even with overcapped res.

As for nerf, I think Janaxia just does too much damage sometimes.
It’s probably her life reduction skills but the prob is that it’s not a wind-up attack like Zantarin’s but part of almost all her attacks and there’s no melee safe zone.
If you farm her a lot you’ll see that sometimes you just drop dead under a second. Doesn’t happen often but when it does, I always think I’m glad I wasn’t playing HC.

Would probably be good if the life reduction component on her attacks was lowered a bit to prevent that, since there are only like a couple items and 1? skill that gives resistance to it in the entire game.

If you want the game to beat off your difficulty fetish, make a mod and play it yourself. Some of us, however, like having a game that is playable. Establishing a cap on resists inherently presents the message of “this is all you need, any more is a waste” and having every fucking boss in the xpac have RR completely kills that idea. I shouldn’t need 120% resist just to complete the main quest line.

Honestly this xpac is still tuned for dark souls difficulty fetishists too much. The main game is almost perfect as far as difficulty tuning goes, but as soon as you hit act 5 you need to be an impenetrable mobile fortress or you just get shredded. I can’t even use half my characters anymore; characters that clear ult just fine and could handle at least one nemesis just crumble under all the goddamned ground effects and stacking debuffs.

In my own experience, there are two resistances you need to overcap: vitality and aether, for others like chaos, bleeding or piercing just 80-90 is good enough. Ok question why vitality and aether? Cause many mobs include trash have RR reduction, but most farming frequently mobs (anne, zantarin, solael, larria, krieg run…) deal high vitality (hp reduction, may oneshot) and high aether dmg. Of course it also depends on your farming routes (some like BoC, some like PoV or SoT, psychos like Iron Maiden etc…), so fixing your gears is important.