Last Epoch - New upcoming arpg with unique theorycrafting

New arpg still in pre alpha stages so a lot is still unfinished but I thought some of you guys might enjoy the game as it is another arpg with theorycrafting.

So the game has 5 base classes (I think only two are available), and each base class has two sub classes.

The theory crafting comes from the skills, each skill (like fireball) has an individual skill tree so you can customize fireball to do whatever you’d like. So unlike grim dawn with a linear upgrade to skills, it turns the skill into an individual skill tree and you can choose between many options to what you want to do with that skill.

You can download the prealpha demo game for free on their website. Only down side is the game comes out in 2020, by then who knows what other games will come out. Wonder if it can hold or go down under

Anyone else tried this and thoughts?

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yes, we’ve tried it

Hum it sound very nice ty

Necrobump :slight_smile:

I tried Last Epoch for the first time lat week.

At the moment I do not have made up my mind.

I like te skill and necro skeleton summoner plays ok for leveling. I like te idea of all beeing in tesame place but different times.

I look very nice nd the skill fx are very good.

But story, enemy design, world etc. looks a bit stale at the moment.
What are your impressions of the other classes etc.

Multiplayer is to come very soon and maybe the community will grow then , cause even the offical forums don’t have much traffic or that builds are posted.