Late Game issues

so far every single one of my games has devolved into trader camping waiting for a resource that i desperately need but isn’t on my map seed. this really isn’t fun. Once i get to tier 3, i find that i need SAND or Iron i have yet to find a map seed that has both in abundant supply. Maps that tend to have plenty of IRON struggle to have any sand, and maps that have some sand, have very little iron or gold. I find it’s easier to trade for IRON than for SAND so i’ve been rerolling Seeds looking for map seeds that have allot of SAND. the preserver uses a ton of glass, and glass needs sand. the other downside to the preserver is, by the time they “preserve” enough food, my food stocks are always empty. the preserver can’t keep up with my 160 size colony. I find i have the best luck with “Random” maps because it has a chance to roll resources from all bioms. you just never know in what quantity. again i’m enjoying the early to mid game. but honestly once you get to tier 3, and your like “Yes i can finally equip my army to defend against these damn raiders” your like wait, my people are having food issues because i can’t keep Fruit/Veggies long enough to get them distributed before they spoil. I can make plenty, but they wind up spoiling in my root cellers before i can preserve them or get them to markets. thats another issue. once you get pretty spread out on the large map, the logistics really start to break down. long story short. I need more SAND or better logistics for root cellers with barrels. what goods is a ton of food in your rootceller if, the people wont come get it.

I have 240 colony and I have no issue with food. I sell it off, because i have so much.
What I did is I unticked food from everywhere that is not the cellars. I also do barrels. And I do not use preserver that much.

what food are you selling off because you have too much of? maybe i’m focusing on the wrong stuff.

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Once you get upgraded storage and barrels it isn’t too bad.

Here is my take. I’d wager to say over half of all the food you gather spoils anyway, even with all the upgrades were still talking thousands of food each year. I proactively sell food. High volume in, high volume out. I keep very little in storage. As long as your villagers aren’t starving there is no reason to stockpile. Even if a few starve every now and then, the thousands of gold you make from this far outweigh the downsides.

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