Late night gaming = HC killer

So I started HC 2 weeks ago and yesterday evening I riped my first char gues what? I fell to sleep…

Only level 57 battlemage with trash equipment but still.

I really want to finish HC achievments, but thanks to lack of time to play during the day(wife, children, real life stuff) I am forced to play when everyone goes to bed. This mean I start at 9 or 10 p.m. up to 11-12 p.m.

I think I just leave this fun and adrenaline game mode, since I felt to sleep on softcore several times without this disappointing ending :frowning:

People often miss this warning when they buy the game…

Totally understandable.


Welcome to the dark side! Don’t get discouraged, m8, this is just the beginning. You will complete this journey eventually. A couple of tips if I may. When playing tired, sleepy and exhausted, avoid using any glassy builds that require good piloting and focus. Instead, roll a S&B high regen spec, which is quite resilient early on. Even if you are determined to roll a caster, can still make it very hard to RIP by maxing our resistances, armor, and regen. Active ADCTH is not recommended if you are falling asleep. Another thing, avoid doing the last 2 acts on Elite. Just get the rep going on Normal and forget till you are fully geared. Too many debuffs and hard hitting mobs that can instakill your char. I normally run boring areas before bed time like deeps treasure troves or hives (battered shells and serrated spikes).

And again, consider this death a tiny hiccup. The road is amazing, HC is a powerful drug :slight_smile:

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To be honest I havent noticed this warning :smiley: :smiley:
I hope it did not sounded like a flame or whine about game design. Not at all. I just wanted to share my flustration from first death on HC mode especialy by this stupid way.

Next time when I start to feel tired and sleepy, I rather switch to softcore, just to be sure to not repeat this mistake again.

Thank You Contragor for Your mental support. I will continue my HC journey with same joy I played HC on Diablo 2 for years. :slight_smile:

Just remember that HC characters can’t play SC and vice versa. You’ll need a new character for SC.

Forgive my question - but why not just TP back to town if you’re nodding off and sleep a little?

No it’s all good was just poking a lil fun at ya :wink:

So I update this a bit.

I ripped again my new battlemage now on level 40 with the same scenario(few seconds of keyboard sleeping) :rofl::rofl::rofl:

So I decide to no more rolling new HC characters and focus on my first one which is fire sorcerer. Just passed normal at level 54 and will start on elite. Wish me no more sleeping on keyboard :smiley:

Take care my HC brothers and sisters.

im still confused…you could even hit pause…

My deaths are during state when I feel bit sleepy, but I also feel I can play a bit more. From nowhere first micro sleep occure for several seconds and thats the moment I lost my characters. I dont know how to describe it. Its like I feel I am gona just blink, but tired state keep my eyes closed for few seconds and I am opening them in terror because I realise I am still playing on HC and I did not pressed ESC or SPACER and I know what I am going to see on the screen. Sadly these micro sleeps also cause lots of car crashes.

i see… :confused:

im sorry mate. i can’t imagine the huge sense of loss. i don’t know if this defeats the purpose of hc, but if you aren’t using cloud saving, you could make a back up copy of these characters and just copy/paste them back into the folder titled “main” everytime a death like this occurs.

alternatively, you could play SC and delete your character if-and-only-if you die while playing awake

On SC I have about 10 lvl 100 characters and 2 lvl 90 ish, so its not issue to just switch to safe SC mode, but HC is… HC is just another level. HC is what hooked me in D2 for so long and Grim dawn give me same adrenaline joy like D2 did.

Loss is not that huge because non of those characters were not even level 60 nor in some descent gear. Worse is the sense of dissapointment from dying by this way.

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best of luck mate!

Like I previously mentioned, if falling asleep is a strong possibility, change your build to passive sustain vs active. Just make a regeneration tank and it will survive those AFK moments. There’s no point rolling casters relying on very active game play when you are tired and sleepy. HC FTW, m8!

Most of my characters die either in the morning or midday on the weekend. :thinking: