Latest Game Version Feedback. (With Forgotten Gods) -Ultimate Difficulty-

After finishing Forgotten Gods and unlocking everything possible at the point, I realized that you made it too hard, without giving anything that will make you stronger (almost). It feels like you updated difficulty like you did in Ashes of Malmouth, but you forgot that AOM added levels and devotion points that made you stronger as a reward, but FG gave almost nothing as a reward. I hate to say it, but this expansion is not worth it at all…
Crate of Entertainment is almost unbeatable, boss that you unlock for offering celestial essence is unbeatable, too. You forgot that content must be accessible for wider range of players, not just 0,0000000000001% snowflake OP builds. Basically, those two bosses are beatable with tiny selection of builds that you can count on hand. This is like you locked them with those builds. If you don’t have/want them - no chance in hell.

P.S. New medal skills are almost trash for endgame gameplay

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Is it possible to learn this power?

Neither CoE or Calla were intended as bosses that every clowny build could beat.

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