Lazy Guards

So I’m getting attacked by raiders but have upgraded towers littered around my wall, no big deal right? I have one in the corner they’re bee lining it to, once they get there none of them are being shot at so I’m thinking wtf they’re just going to plow on through. I click on the tower and there’s two guards there…both say “Intoxicated”.

Thanks Crate, my town thanks you, my stolen goods thank you, the walls that crumbled thank you, my stupid guards thank you (where’s the jail for dereliction of duty?!) and most of all the villagers fighting with pitchforks and brooms thank you.

If nothing else, the game needs louder drunks so we can tell when they are too smashed to hit anything with their arrows . . .

One point: Others have posted about problems with Guards, Soldiers and alcohol - Guards not manning towers, soldiers going into a drunken frenzy on the streets, etc. Has anybody noticed similar problems with ordinary workers? Farmers too drunk to find the fields, Firewood splitters that include their foot in the split because they are seeing double, etc.
And if not, maybe they should - alcoholic effects should greatly increase the work by the Healers, and the general mortality due to other diseases. Perhaps slightly increase the Desirability of the Pub and the Entertainment value to compensate for on-going potential problems in keeping your villagers alive and working?

Romeo Void was wrong.
Never sell Wood Planks.
Never build Pubs.
Never sell Soap.
Never buy Spice.
Never rely on the TP for needed resources.

I completely agree about not building pubs… far more trouble than they’re worth with villagers fighting, killing each other, and not doing work. It’s easy to add entertainment in other ways with theaters and festival poles. Once my farming gets going always build a brewery and have it set to automatically transfer the stock to the trading post. Lot’s of traders want beer and it’s usually good for 2000 - 2500 gold each season.


Add “never sell stone” due to not having any for repairs or walls.

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My basic motto has become: never sell Anything that doesn’t Grow Back on the map.
So, sell wood or planks if the forests on your map are keeping ahead of demand, don’t sell sand, clay, bricks, stone, iron - or coal unless you are able to keep copious charcoal burners going (but I find that frequently puts too much pressure on the tree supply when added to wood, planks, and firewood demands)

It’s a Medieval version of Sustainable Growth at a Grubby Level.

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Those guards were also probably one of the drunks attacking other villagers, pubs are a menace (but keeps things exciting I guess?).

I want to be able to pick up these guards and drop them into the pond Dungeon Keeper style.

Or slap them Dungeon Keeper style?