League of Legends

Anyone here who are playing League of Legends also? This is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. Inspired by the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod Defense of the Ancients, the game follows a freemium model and is supported by micro-transactions. You don’t need to buy this game, just download it and after it you can enjoy playing it.

haha, pretty much copied this text from the internet huh? ah well, the only moba i played was paragon. It got closed that project. I think some other developer is reviving it though.

These top down things i don’t really like. Paragon before the new card system i thought was really nice and original. Also i liked the heroes quite a bit.

i couldnt get into leage of legends. I didnt like the “warcraft” or basically cartoony simple graphics. And i think they went a bit overboard with the amount of heroes. The sitting in bushes tactics and stuff like that really annoys me too about mobas

i played dota 1 locally on and off since 2007 until 2012 (senior hi school til mid university), then switched to dota 2 for like ~3 years, until finally i tried lol for like 1.5 til 2016.

lol feels more fast paced and stable in team composition compared to dota 2. i main ahri, thresh, and tahm kench .

ahri because she’s my favorite fictional char ever, by lore (old lore and vastaya lore), gameplay, and lovely design (classical ahri with english voice is true ahri) . also, she’s the one that makes me switch to lol from dota.

thresh because he reminds me of pudge’s gank-hook-dismember playstyle from dota, but with more focus on supporting teammates with positioning, tanking and shielding. and because he’s a very kind support even though his lore states that he’s an evil wraith warden obsessed with dealing pain and torture (including torturing a spell inside a spell book: by almost reciting the spell to cast it then cancel it for giggles)

tahm kench because he’s a jolly river king fish demon food connoisseur support with good taste for food (or rather, people’s emotions/souls/experiences). he attacks with elongated tongue, licks people, devour and spit critter into people, devour people, devour friend (to save friend), and teleport from the abyss up into people’s unsuspecting rear. always makes me laugh when he devours an enemy then spit them out while exclaiming “Disgusting!”.

sadly, since 2016, i can no longer bear to play moba anymore. mostly because of real life demands. but partially because i don’t find moba enjoyable anymore due to having to keep up with the metas, seasons, ranks, and changelogs. not to mention when teammates blame me or other teammates, it makes the game annoying rather than enjoyable. funnily, i find much more hospitalities from enemy team (both in dota and lol) than from my own team. maybe thats my fault for not having my own circle of friend and playing alone blindly in solo queue with random teams. lastly, because you have to stick and adapt with the roles in order to have a good game. it always annoys me when i can’t play the role i want because some of my teammates already claimed the role. that’s the sacrifice you have to made to enjoy moba. somedays, i just want to play mid/support hero for several games. yet i’m forced to play other roles due to teammates already locking their roles.

anyway, nowadays i still enjoy lol from their lores, artworks and fanfics (that follows the main lore of runeterra. non of that stupid AU star guardian, pool party, halloween, cyber what-what stuff).

btw, riot had expanded the lol runeterra world into some new games: legends of runeterra (duel fighting game) and lol wild rift, can’t wait to see the new stuffs.