Left mouse button

Is there a way to assign skills to it that won’t allow it, via an override or something?

Started an inquisiter today and currently none of his skills can be assigned to left mouse!! Wanted to use flames of ignaffar on left with word of pain on right but can’t. Had to settle for ignaffar on keyboard “1” word of renewal on “2” eventually will have inquisiter seal “3” (or is this a left mouse button skill?) and thermite mines on “4”.

Is it safe to say I won’t have any skills on left mouse button?

Attachment: gd_left_button.png

I put Flames of Ignaffer on my right mouse button. I’ve been meaning to put it on my left. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be able to.

You should be able to click the icon for the left mouse button on the GD UI toolbar and select the skill from there. Does that not work?

Edit: See Pic below, left (or is it right-click?) click the item that is circled.

Not an option only “move to, weapon attack, and pet attack” are choices

Can you bind it to your right mouse button?

Have you tried verifying the game files via Steam?

Apparently you can’t put Flames of Ignaffar on the Left click of the mouse. You can put it on the right click though.

I just tried this with my character.